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Lecturers school students, alumni at CARIMAC Grill-Off

Published:Thursday | October 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
From left: Members of Team Alumni Janella Precius, Jileen Pearson and Dwayne Berbick.
Janella Precius of Team Alumni in action at the CARIMAC Grill-Off.
Dr Canute James of Team Lectures grilling up a storm.
The winning dish - 40th anniversary special - comprising grilled chicken and sausage, topped with cheese and marinated with a special sauce, served with a side of potatoes and pineapple wedges and garnished with tomato and sweet pepper.
Chicken and sausage wrap served with a side of guacamole by team alumni.
Team Students (from left): Daniel Blake, Shanique Robinson and Krysta-Leigh Thames with their dishes. Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer
Judges Chef Adrian Wauchope (left), Lifestyle Editor Nashauna Drummond, and Tracey McFarlane prepare to taste one of the dishes. Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer

Krysta Anderson, Gleaner Writer

Celebrating 40 years of existence, the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC) last Saturday showed that not only does it train great journalists, it also trains great chefs.

As part of the institution's 40th anniversary celebrations, three teams chopped, seared and tossed to determine who was best at the grill. The friendly match-up saw Team Lecturers, Team Students and Team Alumni, each team consisting of three members, cooking up a storm.

Once the mystery basket was unveiled, revealing the Best Dressed mystery chicken breasts and Hamilton sausage, the showdown got under way.

Some members pulled the grilling weight for their team while a few lagged behind trying to play catch-up.

As the teams battled the grill and smoke, host Saudicka Diaram engaged the crowd of supporters as they cheered on the teams and participated in a CARIMAC trivia and dance competition.

While the teams were busy preparing their feast, judges Chef Adrian Wauchope, Tracey McFarlane and The Gleaner's Lifestyle Editor Nashauna Drummond left their seats to take a closer look at the grilling magic being created under the tents.

As it got down to crunch time, the teams scurried to put on last-minute finishing touches to make their presentations look appeising.

One by one, the teams presented their unique spin on Jamaican grilling.


Team Lecturers went first and Professor Hopeton Dunn, Dr Canute James and Nadine McCloud presented their 40th anniversary grilled chicken with sausage. Professor Dunn said a special sauce of top-secret ingredients was added. One of their must-use ingredients, mozzarella cheese, topped off the dish with a serving of pineapple guacamole cubes and potato on the side.

Team Alumni followed suit as Dwayne Berbick, Janella Precius and Jileen Pearson featured their alumni special, which consisted of grilled chicken and sausage with guacamole, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on the side and Irish potatoes.

Then Team Students, comprising Krysta-Leigh Thames, Shanique Robinson and Daniel Blake, showcased honey-glazed grilled chicken and sausage fused with jerk sauce in a tortilla wrap and served with potato and sliced avocado.

All wanted their team to be crowned CARIMAC grilling champion, but only one could walk away with the culinary title.

After tasting and deliberating, the judges, who made their assessment based on taste, presentation and creativity, determined that the other teams were schooled by the Team Lecturers, who topped the competition with 82 points; followed closely by Alumni, with 81; leaving Team Students in third place, with 66 points.