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Palatable pleasure, flavourful fun at Northside Kitchen

Published:Thursday | October 23, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Chinese-styled lobster fused with Jamaican seasoning and spices from Northside Kitchen. Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer

After having a wonderful start with the Gleaner-sponsored restaurant week last year, Northside Kitchen has returned to excite taste buds with a burst of rich oriental flavour.

They have already upped the culinary ante by providing patrons with not one, but two delectable types of cuisines - Chinese and Japanese. And doubling their authentic tastes, they have also doubled their location, expanding from Liguanea to their recently opened location in New Kingston.

"Northside Kitchen in Liguanea is the centre. Everyone learns from there and apply what they have learnt in the new home. Maintaining the same taste is very important. We've just expanded from the North, honouring our beginnings by keeping the name," noted owner Jerry Lee.

Beaming with pride, he explained how he brought the cosy, palatable getaway to life. "I actually designed the decor, from tiling plans to the lighting, to the seating and the painting," he remarked. He is elated to be given the opportunity to expand his customer base by offering newcomers and food lovers a taste of Japan and China.

The international culinary team placed a Jamaican twist on traditional Japanese and Chinese dishes. Chef Takahashi prepared Japanese sushi rolls while Chef Zhi Qiu represented China well with sweet and sour pork, lobster and chicken with broccoli.

Four rolls were presented with the choice of two: rainbow and Alaskan rolls which are served raw while the fried shrimp roll and chicken cutlet roll were both cooked. All were fresh and creatively plated with a taste just so exquisite.

For the dishes from China, Chinese ideology and seasoning were fused with local spices, resulting in sheer ecstasy with every bite.

These are just a few of the savoury selections available on the menu for this upcoming restaurant week.

The idea is fit these Chinese and Japanese cuisines with the Jamaican palate, so make your way to Liguanea or New Kingston to experience China and Japan mixed with Jamaica.

- Krysta Anderson