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Enjoy fine dining downtown

Published:Thursday | October 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Mixed garden salad served with white tuna chunks. Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer

There is no need to go uptown for fine dining when one can enjoy just that and the tranquillity at F&B Downtown. It is the restaurant to be during the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week as you can eat, drink, meet and shop.

From their delicious Italian-style pasta, premium sandwiches and burgers, roti wraps, salads and tasty home-made soup, to their specially prepared oxtail. It doesn't stop there.

Treat yourself to one of their bestselling meals. Start with the appetiser - fish broth - then entrée of a healthy and attractive mixed garden salad served with tuna chunks or wild Alaska pink salmon chunks, flavoured with natural seasoning and vegetables such as lettuce, carrot, tomatoes, beet root, avocado served with tasty garlic bread.

Manager Ulei Bangerter said this is their third year participating in Restaurant Week and it's a pleasure be a part of this initiative. "I like to be a part of initiatives like this whether we benefit or not. It's for a good cause and every time we participate it is good publicity for us," he concluded. He also said that people uptown can come and experience what F&B Downtown has to offer - you won't know the difference.

Another special treat to have begins with a chicken broth appetiser. Then the entrée - sweet and sour or mallah chicken served with fried rice with all-natural seasoning, mallah sauce and sweet pepper.

Bangerter also said the needs of customers come first no matter the cravings. Whether they crave for Italian, Indian, Chinese, African, authentic Jamaican or French cuisine, F&B Downtown is ready to satisfy those cravings.

- Cathy Risden