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Food remains consistently delicious at the Pelican

Published:Wednesday | October 22, 2014 | 5:09 PM
Pelican waitress, Tonikie Love, displays a ginger pineapple fish fillet. This dish will be available at the Pelican throughout Restaurant Week.

If you dream of diving into a delicious dish full of flavours and divinely satisfying, then you are bound to find the Pelican your home away from home, during the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week.

Located on Montego Bay's Gloucester Avenue, the Pelican has a reputation of being a culinary haven, where successive generations of families enjoy dining in a charming and comfortable atmosphere.

This reputation is proudly endorsed by the restaurant's managing director, Peter Scudamore, who told Food, "consistency is what makes the Pelican stand out," adding, "our recipes and their execution are standard, so people always know what they will be getting. If they come today and return in a year's time, the taste remains the same."

A delectable fillet steak, paired with lobster thermidor, which is called surf and turf, is one of the dishes that are included on the Pelican's menu for RW. So too is chicken Florentine served with rice, and a fillet of snapper, topped with a flavour bursting ginger and pineapple sauce which also comes with a serving of shrimp, set out in kebab style. These are of course just a few of numerous choices that will be available from the Pelican's extensive menu.

The Pelican relies on an assortment of trusted local herbs and spices to create the scrumptious flavours that their dishes are known for internationally. And, as if the tastiness of its scrumptuous dishes are not enough, dining is also a delightful experience, offered in air-conditioned comfort with fresh table flowers and soft soothing music.

- Karrie Williams