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Fund-raiser goes Farm to Table

Published:Thursday | October 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Petagaye Perkins and Jheanelle Horne pause for a photo.
Bindu and Golsind Dansinghani in their traditional Indian garb.
Friendship Gap Breast of Chicken stuffed with callaloo.
Fillet of Fish in Oracabessa Coconut Sauce. photos by Winston Sill/Freelance Photographer
A scrumptious dish of Friendship Gap Breast of Chicken stuffed with callaloo, Port Maria Jerked Pork with Guava Glaza, Rasta Pasta, sautéed mixed vegetables, pumpkin rice and candied sweet potatoes with whipped cream.

Cathy Risden, Gleaner Writer

'Eat what you grow and grow what you eat' was the mantra for the 'Farm to Table' fundraiser dinner. Last Thursday, a diversity of food fresh from local farms from the parish of St Mary, was prepared by the Grog Shoppe Devon House in St Andrew.

The dinner, hosted by friends of western St Mary on behalf of their MP Jolyan Silvera, aimed to raise funds to promote educational and sporting projects in the constituency. Silvera told Food that the idea developed when close friends and associates of his constituency decided to introduce the legacy of St Mary to Kingston.

"St Mary is a fruitful constituency. If you look around, most of the people here have a little country in them, so everyone can relate," said the MP.

He stressed that the initiative is in aid of enhancing the literacy programme in St Mary - and also to partner with overseas entities to upgrade sports as well.

From the farms in St Mary was a beautifully decorated station such as yam, green and ripe banana, breadfruit, Irish potato, pumpkin, sugar cane, ackee, pear, scallion, plantain, melon, coconut, onion, oranges, pine, string beans, sweet and hot pepper.

On the tables, in buffet style, were the scrumptious Friendship Gap Chicken Breast Stuffed with Callaloo, Port Maria's Jerked Pork with Guava Glaze, Fillet of Fish in Oracabessa Coconut Sauce with sides - Rasta Pasta, sautéed mixed vegetables, candid sweet potatoes, pumpkin rice, fresh vegetable salad. For dessert, guests enjoyed sweet potato and bread pudding. To rinse the palate, diners chose from Highgate hot chocolate, Blue Mountain coffee, a variety of teas and fresh coconut water.

Silvera's vision is to encourage people to take agriculture seriously. His mission is to get as many people on board as possible, especially the private sector and small farmers.