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Hitting the right spot at A-Bar

Published:Thursday | October 30, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Chef Ramon Hoo showcasing his culinary creation: a Coconut Crusted Stuffed Chicken Leg swimming in a sea of sweet mango chutney. Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer

Just imagine a culinary world where Grilled Verdi Snapper Fillet, covered in savoury Mediterranean sauce and served with a side of Vegetable Jasmine Rice and Coconut Crusted Stuffed Chicken Leg swimming in a sea of sweet mango chutney are right at the tip of your tongue.

Well, the search is over. A-Bar Restaurant and Lounge will be providing just that and so much more for this year's Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week.

O'Brien Blagrove, manager of the restaurant, explained that this is their second time participating, the RW series, returning after a good run last year.

When asked what to expect for the highly anticipated food event of the year, Blagrove had this to say: "Food lovers will be able to enjoy a good, ambience, nice-tasting cocktails (eight speciality drinks to be exact) good food and a good vibe. On Friday, there will be a DJ, so we will be starting off the week with a bang."

Chef Ramon Hoo went into more mouth-watering details of the featured dishes: "Grilled snapper fillet is coated with a verdi pesto simmered in Mediterranean sauce. Okra, olive, carrot and other vegetables are the key components of the sauce, while the snapper stands strong in delectable goodness."

Hoo progressed to the second star dish on their Restaurant Week menu: "Tropical coconut was used to crust the boneless chicken leg stuffed with vegetable rice and the mango sauce is a complementary contrast to the jerk flavour of the chicken."

Additionally, they will serving their signature spin on ribs, and other fish and chicken selections as well as incorporating a salad component, catering to just about everyone. So be sure to excite those taste buds of yours with A-Bar for RW.