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Majestic Sushi and Grill - delectable paradise

Published:Thursday | October 30, 2014 | 12:00 AMDavina Henry

Tucked away in Stony Hill is a delectable paradise like no other. Restaurant Week (RW) ambassador Anthony Miller and his sister Marion Samuel, ventured up to the Majestic Sushi and Grill venue for an inside scoop of their offerings come November 14-22.

From bamboo plants, a sushi bar to savoury food items that are unique to the palates of many Jamaicans, Miller stated that he has been patronising Majestic Sushi and Grill for quite a while.

"It's quite airy, it's light and spacious. You get a distinct sense of privacy. When I come here, I generally like the sushi bar because I can see what they are doing, and that's always fun. But otherwise, it's very cosy and intimate. It's very cool, never warm. I've never been here and felt claustrophobic," Miller stated of the ambiance.

Waiter Rahsanney Green welcomed the RW ambassador and his guest to the establishment. The restaurant, which is usually open everyday, including holidays will be open all RW for lunch and dinner. They encourage persons to make reservations during RW to ensure that they enjoy the experience.

"I've never been here and had a bad meal, it's all been very good," Miller stated while being seated.

The tuna tartar served as an appetizer for Miller, while his sister had the spicy calamari. This was preceded by a miso soup and salad.

"The dressing on the salad is easily one of the nicest salad dressings in Kingston, it's really, really good. I'm getting soy, I'm getting ginger, I'm stumped by the rest. It's the nicest thing about the salad. It dresses up an otherwise ordinary salad," he stated.

Speaking of the tuna tartar, Miller only had high praises for the dish.

"This is really nice. Big, big juicy chunks of tuna with cubed bits of cucumber and very tasty. Garnished with avocado. It's super duper. It's quite nice. They do not scrimp on tuna. It's super healthy. It's yummy," Miller expressed. For entrees, Miller chose the teriyaki salmon, while Samuel went with the sushi.

The chocolate cake, served with ice cream added the final touches on what was deemed an absolutely delicious meal.

"The salmon is very nice. I'm thoroughly enjoying it. These guys bring in their stuff super fresh, this is not frozen stuff. I think it comes in on a regular basis and what you're getting is really high quality seafood, which is a part of the charm of eating at Majestic. The consistency of the fish has the yielding, juicy, yummy quality," Miller explained.

Manager Taichi Suga told Food that Majestic has been participating in RW for the last three years and will continue to do so because it expands its customer base.

"Customers are always asking if we are going to be a part of RW. We are exclusive, we offer great service, the ambiance is great and our food is amazing," he stated.

"This certainly is the best in Jamaica. This is it. It's a good restaurant. It's solid with international standards," Miller added.