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Wedding bells and wine

Published:Thursday | October 30, 2014 | 12:00 AMJason Clarke

I had the privilege of attending the Kingston Bridal Expo last Sunday and partnered with Tonez Beau A Trois to pour what I consider great wedding day wines. With the economy being the way it is, everyone is now trying to do everything on a budget. I found some great options that are great tasting and easy on the pocket.


For those blushing brides who may consider having a little pre-reception cocktail there are two ideal options to consider. The Movendo Moscato out of Italy is a perfect option to start with. It is not a typical moscato that is generally very sweet. Don't get me wrong. It does maintain elements of sweetness, but it is also very refreshing, making it an easy-pouring wine. It is light on the alcohol, with only eight per cent per volume, which means you can indulge in more than one glass without getting too carried away. The nose is very floral with hints of honey and apricots. For those not necessarily in the wedding mode and just looking for something new to try, this may be a good middle of the road choice if you are trying to find something sweet, but not too sweet, for the drinkers of dry wines like me. This is ideal with fresh fruit and light cheeses if ever you are thinking of having a little wine and cheese party at home.

Then there is my lady loving crowd-pleaser, Fresita, which is a blend of sparkling wine and strawberries, giving it a very strawberry, intense flavour, and like the moscato it is only eight per cent alcohol. This was certainly a crowd favourite of many who passed through the booth. This is one of those wines that you most certainly want to ensure you drink super cold. Outside of the wedding setting, this could be a great brunch wine on a Sunday with family and friends. Just a little after midday when the heat starts to pick up, this sparkling wine works wonders. Don't be restricted to having it as is, though you can. This also makes some interesting cocktails.


During the formalities of every wedding, the part everyone tends to remember are the speeches and the cling-cling-cling on the glasses indicating another kiss is required by the newly-weds. Traditionally, champagne would be the sparkling wine of choice to raise a toast to a lovely bride and groom, but sometimes the practicality of life steps in and champagne simply becomes a wishful thought. The Trapiche Extra Brut is a great value-based sparkling option that won't break the bank. Beautiful bubbles and a crisp citrus finish, this is a great option to consider serving at any wedding. Other value-based options you could look at are any prosecco, which is made identical to champagne if you want to try for a more authentic feel.

Generally speaking, a typical bottle may serve five-eight glasses, depending on the size glasses you are using. So when you are working out your numbers you can have a rough idea how many bottles you may need, particularly if you want everyone to have a glass and not just the optional pre-reception drinks. To guarantee best pricing I recommend purchasing directly from the distributor based on the volume that you are looking for. The wines mentioned this week are from CPJ, but there are a number of wine distributors in the market that all carry a great mix of wines.

n I am not an expert, merely a wine enthusiast sharing his thoughts and experiences. Feel free to share your own experiences at