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CPJ makes Restuaurant Week's Drink

Published:Thursday | November 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Photo Winner of the mystery cocktail challenge Ovaneo Gayle, holding a bottle of Findlandia, another Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week featured drinks. Findlandia - orange frost - flavoured with regular fruta, orange and pineapple.
Contributed Photo Category manager - beverages, brews and spirits, CPJ, Trishauna Kirlew at the CPJ bartender training session.
Contributed Photo The Gleaner- sponsor Restaurant Week featured drink- the St. Remy Midnight Sun - a combination of VSOP brandy, fruit punch and a tangy finish from fresh limes, garnished with cherry.

Drinks all around! The perfect way to complement or even complete a scrumptious meal is by pairing it with an exotic cocktail. CPJ, sponsors of this year?s Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week (RW), decided to treat food lovers by introducing new and exciting cocktails to the standard RW menu.

Trishauna Kirlew, category manager, beverages, brews and spirits, CPJ, said the bartender training session was an opportunity for CPJ to introduce key ingredients for RW, which were being used by most, if not all, of the restaurants.

The two featured drinks for Restaurant Week are St Remy Midnight Spell, a combination of VSOP brandy, fruit punch and a tangy finish from fresh limes, garnished with cherry; and the Findlandia orange frost, flavoured with regular fruta, orange and pineapple.

Last Thursday, CPJ hosted the Bartender Lime training session in the Crew Bar boardroom.

Bartenders were entertained by the number of challenges they had to participate in, including the role-pay challenge. Bartenders in the audience were selected to play the role of customers, and the two contestants had to develop a sales pitch to persuade the customer to purchase the drink. Mandela Miller from Lillian?s Restaurant won this challenge.

There was also a mystery cocktail impromptu challenge that had all contesting bartenders creating a drink on spot. Ovando Gayle from Tracks and Records won.

Kirlew said that the main reason for choosing those two key ingredients was to introduce products with an international flair.

?I think Restaurant Week will be exciting. And, in addition, there will be a secret diner who will be paying attention to the level of service being given by these bartenders. An award for their excellent service will be given on spot,? she concluded.