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Dine and diet during RW

Published:Thursday | November 13, 2014 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman
Carl Gilchrist Photo Restaurant Week ambassador Jair Lyons and guest Stevonne Nugent enjoyed a phenomenal evening at the Aquavue Cuisine in Ocho Rios on Saturday.
Photo credit: Runtastic Libra Scale

With just one day to go, restaurateurs in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay are busy getting ready to cook up a storm as the most delectable event on the food calendar - the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week - is about to begin. But with nine days and more than 70 participating restaurants, how can one maintain a healthy, balanced diet?

Physical therapist for more than 10 years and crossfit trainer Dr Jair Lyons recommends

the following: "For appetiser, options that offer a soup or

salad are perfectly fine and acceptable. Even options such as seafood - for example, grilled shrimp or cold cuts of meat like marlin or smoked turkey - are also healthy choices. Stay away from breaded, crusted and deep-fried starters."

For the main course, you will be offered a variety of meat/

protein done in many delicious styles. Your best bet is to avoid rice, pastas and breads.

Lyons suggests that diners "take the steamed vegetable or raw vegetable options. If they don't offer these options, portion control is your friend. Only consume one-third of the rice, pasta or bread offered with your meal. As for dessert, live a little. If you have ensured that your appetiser and main courses have been balanced and healthy, dig into the sweetness. After all, it is Restaurant Week."


What is a good meal without a glass of wine? But too much can be harmful. Alcohol temporarily prevents the body from burning fat. Need I say more?

In addition, Food is also advising that you avoid being fooled by the description. Descriptive adjectives can make you order more food. It is a marketing tactic that, according to research, makes up to 27 per cent of diners buy more food. Look out for words such as creamy, sizzling, and rich. The faster you recognise them, the less they'll sway you.

If all else fails, just stop in the name of diet! Take a bathroom break and just relax.