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Great food, good vibe at Redbones

Published:Thursday | November 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Try some of Redbones Blues Café's New Zealand baby lamb chops in a spicy guava reduction.
2014 Restaurant Week ambassador Olympian Warren Weir (left) with his aunt Charmaine Crooks (centre) and mother Celese Clarke at the Redbones Blues Café on Monday.-Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer

With jazz and blues music floating in the background, the soft, colourful lights strategically placed around the venue and the smell of savoury sauces greet you at the Redbones Blues Café on Argyle Road.

The ambience was very inviting for Restaurant Week (RW) ambassador and food lover Warren Weir, and his dates for the evening - mother Celese Clarke and aunt Charmaine Crooks. And if that wasn't enough, restaurateur Enola Williams was on hand to welcome one and all to an evening of culinary decadence.

Participating in the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week for all 10 years, Williams shared with Food why she has been a part of RW since its inception in 2004.

"I have to say thanks to Stephanie Scott for the vision of hosting such a fantastic event. First in Kingston, and now across Jamaica, it is really a fab event. It's as if the entire Jamaica come out in a frenzy to be apart of such a cosmopolitan event."

Come November 14-22, Williams and her capable staff will have two new dishes added to their menu: The Lobster Pasta in White Wine Cream and the Chicken Parmesan.

"Because we want to cater to the average man, we have added these high-ticket items to allow a wider range of food choices when diners come. We have also added a sorrel chutney as it's getting closer to the Christmas season, and we wanted to incorporate something Jamaican," shared Williams.

And the Olympian Weir was impressed with the exquisitely prepared meal.

"The food was very good. Boasty! And it was a good serving," he commented as he rubbed his tummy. "See, I have to take my dessert home. Because bread pudding is something you have to eat in the comfort of your home, so you can go bed right after. Or seeing that I am so stuffed, it will be my usual 2 a.m. snack," he ended.

- Randy Bowman