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Liguanea Club the place to be

Published:Thursday | November 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Cheers to good friends and food. From left: Fidge Fletcher, Courtney Washington, Shani Nemhard and Jacqueline Domenico are in high spirits right before dinner.-Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer

The environmentally friendly garden setting of the Liguanea Club at The Terrace, situated in the heart of New Kingston, is a foodie's haven.

Restaurant Week ambassador Courtney Washington and his guests, Fidge Fletcher, Shani Nembhard and Jacqueline Domenico, were treated to the delectable offerings that will be available at the restaurant during the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week (RW).

A first-time RW participant, proprietor Colin Hylton told Food that RW is a means for the restaurant to get exposure. Having never visited Liguanea Club at The Terrace previously, Washington stated that he was looking forward to the experience.

For the appetiser round, Washington and his guests were treated to a tomato and goat cheese bruschetta with a balsamic reduction and chunky vegetable soup.

"The bruschetta was great. The dough was nice and moist. The soup was also very good, it's smooth and was not overseasoned, so I really enjoyed it," Washington stated.

Washington also loved the service and the fact that the staff was so helpful and able to make great recommendations from the RW menu.

The entrées for the group consisted of herb-crusted rack of lamb with Moroccan spiced cous cous served with apricots and olives; classic chicken Parmesan with tomato marmalade served with penne pasta; and grilled fillet snapper stuffed with fresh crab meat served with vegetables of the market and mashed sweet potatoes.

The mouth-watering dishes had them sharing their meals, commenting on the taste while savouring the flavours.

"Colin's lamb is divine. The Parmesan chicken was also very good, it was delicious, but I think what topped this evening was the grilled fillet snapper stuffed with crab meat. That was off the chain," sated a satisfied Washington.

Everyone was in agreement, as their respective entrée was just as good. The group was so impressed with the meal that they decided to host a thanksgiving dinner at the restaurant.


Rum and raisin cheesecake with a berry compote and a warm chocolate spring roll served with rum and raisin ice cream was dessert for the group.

"The cheesecake is over-the-top perfect. Patrons must, must, must come and have the cheesecake. It's absolutely divine. The chocolate spring roll is so rich. This is definitely one for the die-hard chocolate fans. This would be perfect with a glass of Port. I love the chocolate spring roll, but I definitely have to say the rum and raisin cheesecake is absolutely fabulous," states Washington.

According to Chef Chris Brown, Liguanea Club at The Terrace is definitely the place to be during RW. "We tweaked the menu that we already have and we added two new dishes to make it more interesting. The food is excellent and we are definitely going to please your palates," Chef Brown stated.

- Davina Henry