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RJR RW Pop Up Café

Published:Thursday | November 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Chef André Woodhouse of From Yardstyle to Gourmet flambéing shrimps for the shrimp pasta.
Jacqui Tyson's From Yardstyle to Gourmet's mouth-watering shrimp pasta. - Ian Allen/Photographer
Skoolaz Blue - Kremi ice cream for guests to sample at RJR's Pop Up Café last Thursday. - Ian Allen/Photographer
Sweet and sour fish by Jacqui Tyson.
Rum cakes for sampling and a goodie basket filled with Honey Bun treats.
RJR's Yvonne Wilks and PRO Communications Limited Hubert Chin having a chat over lunch.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Gleaner Reporter

For The Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week, RJR Communications Group hit the right spot with food lovers at their Pop Up Café.

Last Thursday, Jacqui Tyson's From Yardstyle to Gourmet was on the lawns of the RJR complex on Lyndhurst Road serving up a storm. This gave guests a variety of meats to choose from which included sweet and sour fish, pineapple and fried chicken, oxtail and roast pork.

The overcast skies did not deter her team, neither did the rains that eventually came down in torrents. If diners wanted something that was not on the Restaurant Week menu, they could have a delicious pasta that was not only prepared upon request but in right front of you. It was a delight seeing the chef flambé the shrimp right before your eyes, completing the experience.

There was also a bar where guests could get their choice of mixed drinks.

There were also booths by Kremi Ice Cream, serving samples of four of their flavours - Skoolaz Blue, Skoolaz Purple, Banana Split and Cookies and Cream. It was a delight for many to start their meal with a free dessert if they wished.

There were also samples from Honey Bun who had their rum cakes and rum fruitcake on display for tasting, but had great prizes for their question-and-answer segments.

There were also random Walkerswood basket giveaways by RJR.