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A divine feast

Published:Thursday | December 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Delicious corn on the cob was a must have at Rib, Roast and Rum.
For every ribs lover to enjoy, honey pepper sauce ribs.
Du'Cakes beautiful and tasty banana bread pudding.
A well-decorated Christmas cake by Du'Cakes was a hit and on point for this season.
Miniature Yam Pudding by Du'Cakes.

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

Showers could not douse the flames that Rib, Roast and Rum had blazing last Friday at 1 Phoenix Avenue.

The aromas assaulted the senses even before entering the venue. Upon entry, guests headed straight for the soup with the option between shrimp and pepper pot. This got their stomachs ready for the feast that was waiting.

Some patrons went with two or more plates to the different stalls that were serving up a storm. Guests took full advantage of the all-you-can-eat menu that was prepared by Bickles and Beverages. They offered ribs smothered in three kinds of barbecued sauces, which included rum barbecue, honey pepper and guava barbecue. For barbecue lovers there was barbecued beef brisket, barbecued chicken and grilled fish. The only problems guests had was which to try first, with the aroma pulling and tugging at them from all ends of the venue.

The sides were just as intoxicating. The three-cheese smoked macaroni salad was bursting with flavour and the corn on the cob melted in your mouth. There was also smoked cabbage slaw, roast breadfruit salad with bacon, and bammy strips.

Patrons kept going back for more, and though the rain came, neither spirits nor appetites were dampened.

While patrons indulged in the main courses, they left space for the desserts by Arlene Ducasse of Du'Cakes. The desserts put guest in the Christmas spirit as she served up a delicious Christmas cake, yam pudding and banana bread pudding.

When guests needed a beverage to wash everything down, an open bar was ready and waiting. Delightful cocktail were mixed upon request and guests could even request their own concoction.

After having their fill, guests were in no hurry to leave since Renaissance Disco took them upon a musical journey through genres of hip hop to soca. Something for everyone to rock to,sing to, dance to or just enjoy.