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Wine and cheesecake experiment

Published:Thursday | December 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Lychee cheesecake paired with a Cavit Moscato.
Apple pecan cheesecake paired with a Sutter Home Pink Moscato.
From left: Felecia Williams, Syretha Barr and Jason Clarke share a light conversation as they experiment with wines and cheesecakes at Pebbles Pastries. - Photos by WINSTON SILL/Freelance photographer
Menage a Trois Rose with a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.
Menage a Trois Rose with a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Jason Clarke, Contributor

Every now and again, I manage to muster a group of fun, vibrant personalities to do a wine experiment. The last one took us to Pebbles Pastries to indulge in a little wine and cheesecake.

As a general rule of thumb, sweet likes sweet, but we already knew that. Let's see what sweets worked best together.

Hypothesis: Wine and cheesecake love each other.

Apparatus: Four distinct wines, with six distinct flavour cheesecakes and great company to share it with.

Procedure: Sip, savour and enjoy.

Results: Lychee cheesecake was the first in the line-up. This smooth, creamy cheesecake with pieces of lychee and kiwi was a little too sinful for my liking, making you want to indulge. Paired with a Cavit Moscato, it was a happy fusion of flavours that created a remarkable marriage - a great balance of flavour and sweetness from both. This Moscato has a truly effervescent disposition to tickle your palate with this cheesecake. I would safely say this worked like a charm.

The next cheesecake was an apple pecan paired with a Sutter Home Pink Moscato. There is something about a pink Moscato that I find flirtatious, which makes you enjoy it a lot more. The apple pecan is a New York-styled cheesecake topped with apples and toasted pecans. Great by itself, but certainly greater with the pink Moscato.

To draw a striking contrast, a Menage a Trois Rose was added to the mix with a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. The Menage a Trois is certainly not as sweet as the other wines sampled and works best by itself and did not complement the cheesecake at all. I do, however, like how the wine-maker describes the wine, "three attractive, single, young grapes in one exquisite bottle". I certainly see this as one of the wines to simply enjoy with rowdy laughter.

I think the grand finale always make for the best sensory experience. The Trivento Sweet Malbec with a chocolate coconut and a rum and raisin cheesecake quickly filled the room with "I love this!" As the name suggests, it is a sweet Malbec which, for me,\\ makes it intensely fruity and most certainly one of the best dance partners for just about any of the cheesecakes with a beautiful aroma of fruits. The chocolate coconut is a creamy coconut and almond cheesecake on an oreo cookie and almond crust, which I have never had before, but was just supremely delicious. Whatever I threw at this sweet Malbec it just seemed to absorb and dance with flavours in my mouth. It also worked with the rum and raisin cheese. Being no different with a vanilla cookie crust with creamy cheesecake infused with rum and rum soaked raisins-just yummy!

Conclusion: I think it is fair to say that wine and cheesecake make for an interesting and fun pairing, but more so sweet wines like the Moscato and sweet malbec pair better for this kind of sweet dessert.

Do your own cheesecake experiment at Pebbles Pastries on 22 Belmont Road. Try from the multitude of cheesecakes they offer with your favourite glass and see what works best for you.

I am not an expert, merely a wine enthusiast sharing my thoughts and experiences. Feel free to share your own experiences at wineenthusiastja@gmail.com.