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Best Dressed Chicken is Gas Pro's Street Style champ

Published:Thursday | December 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Photo Gayan Churchav of Team Best Dressed Chicken gives Gas Pro's Simone Johnson and Singer's Jodene Plummer a sneak peek of their cream of pumpkin soup and tun cornmeal while team member Paulene Malcolm looks on.
Contributed Photo Winning Jamaica Broilers dish.
Contributed Photo Team Singer's pot roast pork, sweet&sour fish with garden rice.
Contributed Photo Best Dressed Chicken's pan seared chicken in creole sauce.
Contributed Photo Celebrity judges, Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau and Chef Jason Gentles make their scores after tasting dishes from Team Massy Distributors.
Contributed Photo Team Massy Distributor's charcoal chicken with Korean cucumber.

The Gas Pro Street Style Cook Up was recently held in the Waterhouse community for its second staging, after a successful turnout in Parade Gardens in May. A section of West Bay Farm Road in Waterhouse was completely blocked off as sponsor booths were erected, as well as a main stage and, of course, the tents for the four teams vying for the title of the ultimate street style chefs in their community.

With 12 finalists from Waterhouse put into four teams and each team having a representative from its respective sponsor, the Gas Pro Street Style Cook Up competition was in full swing as teams Kendel, Massy Trading, Singer and Best Dressed Chicken, decked out in full culinary garb and branded chef hats, began their preparations. The teams were given three hours to prepare a soup, entree, side salad and a drink, with all cooking utensils, food and stoves used being provided by sponsors of the event.

Despite the heavy and continuous rain, there was still a strong presence from the community. Families came out with their umbrellas and braved the rain while Emcee Teddy kept them entertained with onstage activities and

giveaways. Celebrity judges, Michelle and Suzanne Rousseau, authors of Caribbean Potluck and hosts of popular TV show,

2 Sisters and a Meal and Chef Jason Gentles of Eden Gardens, arrived just in time to taste the piping-hot dishes prepared by all four teams.

It was then that the crowd drew near to the competition tent and the numbers grew while the community cheered on their favorite chefs. The rain persisted, but the anticipation was just as strong knowing that the winner was soon to be announced. Everyone was also eager to get their own samples from each chef so they too could judge for themselves.

After an hour of judging and tallying scores, all contestants were asked to come on the main stage for the reading of the results. Already, the crowd

started cheering when they saw their favorite community chefs on stage. The results were announced by Carrington Peter Morgan, conceptualiser of the event and chief strategic planner of Carrington Direct.

The results were as follows: Fourth place went to Team Singer and each participant was awarded with a blender courtesy of Singer; and third-place

winners were Team Kendel, who each walked away with microwaves and one free gas refill from Gas Pro.

The final two teams could not hide the anticipation on their faces, and the crowd began shouting out their favorite team to win. Morgan read the points standing first, and second place went to the defending champions, Team Massy Trading, each team member won a five cubic-foot deep freezer courtesy of Singer and two free gas refills from Gas Pro. It was the team dressed impeccably well, or 'the best-dressed' team, rather, in matching black and yellow chef jackets, who emerged to the forefront jumping and congratulating each other, as Team Jamaica Broilers was announced as the winner of the Gas Pro Street Style Cook-Up: Waterhouse Edition. Each member would take home a six-burner gas stove courtesy of Singer Jamaica Ltd and three free gas refills from Gas Pro.

The day had its challenges due to the weather, but the purpose and of bringing community fun, upliftment and renewal through cooking to another inner city community was achieved. Event Sponsors included Massy Gas Products, Massy Trading, Kendel, F1RST, Jamaica Broilers, Singer, Sania Palm Olein, Atlas Group, SPPL, Television Jamaica, Hitz92 FM, RETV and the PIOJ's Community Renewal Programme.