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Delicous juicy lamb

Published:Thursday | January 1, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Contributed Photo The popular curried lamb (mutton) served with rice, avocado and garden salad.
Contributed Photo Succulent Hawaiian lamb topped with pineapples.
Contributed Photo Delicious jerked lamb.
Contributed Photo Neville Graham and Chef John Richards at one of their F.lamb.e social.
Contributed Photo This juicy lamb burger will have you salivating on sight.

It is a new year and time to take your palates on an adventure with a meat outside the norm - lamb.

To help us achieve this, NCR (Neville Graham, Carlington Wright and Richard Smith) Sheep Limited, started F.lamb.e in order to show the versatility of this delicious meat.

"We wanted to give a Jamaican feel to lamb," Graham explained to Food.

F.lamb.e started as a gathering among friends in 2012, and since then has expanded. The menu prepared by Chef John Richards and Graham, consists of only lamb dishes. They started out with lamb soup to open up the palate and get the stomach ready for a lamb feast. In its inception, they had curried lamb which is something that many Jamaicans can not only identify with, but love, and their juicy lamb burger. The menu has expanded to add Hawaiian lamb, which is topped with pineapples, lamb meatballs with pasta, and the ultimate Jamaican touch - jerked lamb.

F.lamb.e is held every last Wednesday of the month.

"It is usually held at Marley Close, Hope Road, however, we are seeking a new location so that we are able to accommodate more persons," said Graham.

While NCR Sheep has grown from its inception in 2008 and now has a social element, it was not an easy start for Graham and his friends Carlington Wright and Richard Smith.

"My partners and I were interested in entering farming as a business venture, and during our research, we got wind of opportunities in sheep farming through the Sheep Farmers' Association. It peaked our interest and we switched gears towards this unique endeavour," Graham explained.

So, after speaking with other farmers, Graham and his friends came together to start NCR Sheep Limited. They had no first-hand experience in farming, but they were eager to learn, did their research and started without any reservation, since they did not have to face the problem of losing sheep, since no one was stealing them at the time.

Initially, when they started they had a problem with distribution as they only had one client. It did not help matters that they did not want the entire carcass, but rather some special meat cuts. They started to approach restaurants and soon they started to distribute lamb meat to Opa!, 689 by Brian Lumley, Tamarind, Saffron and Caffe da Vinci.

The business then took off and they have had to solicit sheep from other local sheep farmers to satisfy the demand.

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