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IMS Catering - Creating a Unique Edge

Published:Thursday | January 8, 2015 | 3:26 PMKeisha Hill
Contributed Photo Jeneve Patrick, managing director of IMS Catering
Contributed Photo UTECH School Of Hospitality and Tourism Management Interns/ Servers Georgia Johnson and Damaine Beckford get good on-the-job training with IMS Catering
Contributed Photo One of IMS Catering's tasty offerings, Snow Ham Pasta with Vegetables
Contributed Photo An IMS Catering creation, Tea Smoked Duck Breast with Plum Sauce in Cassava Steam Buns

There is an exquisite secret amongst foodies in the conference rooms, meetings and outdoor corporate events in Jamaica's urban capital of Kingston.

This secret is redefining the culinary expectations of their clients and brings with it exceptional service delivery and a variety of menu options ranging from authentic Caribbean food to American cuisine favourites and even Oriental favourites such as sushi dishes. This secret is powered by dynamic Jamaican entrepreneur and chef Jeneve Patrick with her company, IMS Catering, an associate of Insight Marketing Strategies Ltd. With a vision to become the first choice caterer in Jamaica, their objective is to ensure a combination of great taste and professional service especially for their corporate clients.

According to Patrick, who is managing director, their objectives were determined based on the noticeable gaps in the food services industry, specifically elements that include courtesy of staff, punctual delivery and overall professionalism.

"Jamaica over the past 15 years has undergone a sort of revolution where food service is concerned. People are now more particular about the total service and not just individual elements especially in the corporate space," she said. "Your team members must have a sense of occasion and know how to connect with the persons they are serving at all levels." Patrick said one of IMS Catering's most distinctive strengths is their ability to understand the clients' corporate and personal objectives and then incorporate them into the food service execution.

This adherence to exceptional standards permeates every aspect of the operation, from the selection of food to its preparation and presentation. According to Patrick all ingredients are prepared fresh and handpicked from their suppliers to ensure the best choices.

"We are committed to using local products despite the costs, in most of our menus. We offer unique culinary experiences to our clients beyond what they are used to for competitive prices, and we are on site at each event that we cater from start to finish," she said. IMS Catering is a full service company that caters for up to 1,200 persons for seated dining events, and cocktails and outdoor events of up to 30,000 persons.

"Our objectives are to provide the highest quality food by the best trained staff utilising best customer service standards. We really strive always to exceed our clients and their customers' expectations. We accomplish this by leveraging our unique strengths to create a superior total delivery," Patrick said. Patrick grew up in a large family in Clarks Town, Trelawny where food was central to family celebrations. This stirred her passion to make people happy through food, however it was her training as a flight attendant with Air Jamaica that continued the need for training and the regimental framework needed for best practices.

"At Air Jamaica the first day of training there was a large sign on the hangar that said 'peoples lives depend on your job, the only way to do your job is right the first time,' and that stuck with me ever since," she said. "I also have a passion for creating sauces using a variety of indigenous and non indigenous herbs. We are increasingly seeing the value of using food as medicine and the wonderful pharmacological properties of our herbs and spices. I also love creating special meals that are tasty for persons with special needs such as diabetics."

Patrick personally trains and contracts about 50 servers and food professionals, having developed her own training methods and standards.

"We also provide on-the-job training for some students at the University of Technology's School of Hospitality and Tourism Management in our executions so it allows them to earn while they learn. As a past student of the university, it is important that we support where we can," she said. Since the company's inception in 2010, their corporate clients have included some of the largest organisations in Jamaica and their retail clients include busy executives that may want something for a special event.

"As an organisation we never take clients' business for granted so we do a 12 person job with the same vigour as the 1,200 person job. We want the IMS Catering brand to resonate in Jamaica by disrupting the standard modalities," Patrick said. In five years, she wants the company to become an even larger SME with a broader revenue and client base, offering training for food service professionals.

"I have been experimenting with sauces for a few years now and plan to integrate that into our existing business model within that time frame," Patrick said.

For more information contact IMS Catering at www.insightmsltd.com or telephone: 787-4985, 439-4086, 564-5721, or 826-7203 or on Facebook Insight Marketing Strategies Ltd.