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Redbones Blues Café - A Kingston classic

Published:Thursday | January 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Redbones executive chef Dameon Chen with two Redbones favourites - Guava Glazed Baby Lamb Chops and Smoked Marlin Salad. - CONTRIBUTED
Redbones executive chef Dameon Chen with a Smoked Marlin Salad.
Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Roasted Tomatoes and a Herbed Couscous.
Redbones Bar - interior.
Redbones Bar - exterior.
Lunchtime dining at Redbones.
The main dining room
Smoked Marlin Salad with cucumber curls, papayas, capers, onions and Dijon mustard.
Redbones' signature drink, the Blues Lightnin.

Redbones Blues Café is a jazz and blues-themed Caribbean fusion cuisine restaurant and bar that engages the public with a love affair of understated elegance, superior service, incredible entertainment, and most important, top-notch cuisine. Opened on December 6, 1996, Redbones is currently located at 1 Argyle Road in New Kingston.

The name Redbones is a term from the Southern United States that describes a person of mixed racial heritage, thereby aptly describing the family that owns and operates this classic establishment. Jazz music itself was born from a mix of African and European music traditions.

Redbones has a distinctive and unique menu that focuses on local Jamaican ingredients presented with an international flair, a fusion, a culinary confluence of traditions. Their delicious signature dishes include callaloo strudel, which is baked filo dough filled with sautéed callaloo leaves, onions, red peppers and cream cheese in a creamy white-wine sauce; the smoked marlin salad served with cucumber curls, papaya slices, Dijon mustard, capers and onions; and the guava-glazed lamb chops, to name a few. Originally, the menu included items from Louisiana like seafood gumbo and blackened fish. However, the restaurant has evolved with customers' tastes to now offer instead herb-encrusted fish in a caper-lime sauce and seafood bisque, for example.


In recent times, more grilled and vegetarian items have been added to the menu due to clients' requests. Currently, grilled rib-eye steak with compound butter and grilled portobello mushroom with roasted tomato salad and herbed couscous are much in demand.

Both lunch and dinner menus can be found on the Redbones website and they have recently started taking reservations online too.

The Redbones Bar, on the other hand, has been creating tasty signature cocktails like the electrifying Blues Lightnin, created over a decade ago (Blue Curaçao, rum, muddled limes, sugar and soda water) as a tribute to Blues legend Lightnin' Hopkins and the fantastically refreshing Watermelon Bourbon Lemonade.

Over the past 17 years, Redbones has evolved from a restaurant and bar to now being a centre of both culinary and cultural activity by hosting live-music concerts, art exhibitions, foreign film screenings and monthly poetry nights.

Airy and elegant dining rooms, intimate terraces, enchanting private gardens and split-level courtyard surprise in this hidden gem that is unparalleled as an afternoon and late night eatery. Much of what makes Redbones a hidden gem within New Kingston is the use of outdoor space, whether it's the mango and ackee tree-bordered stage, the movie garden or the floating lounge, there is always the feeling of an intimate exchange with nature.

While being a true refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city, Redbones curiously also provides the height of cosmopolitan energy in the capital and consistently provides great food and exceptional service, making it a Kingston classic.

To find out more, visit www.redbonesbluescafe.com.