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Three the pulled-pork way

Published:Thursday | January 8, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Nicholas Oliver enjoys his Pulled Pork Sandwich from Wendy's.
Wendy's new Copperwood Pulled Pork Sandwich.
Kenneth Hibbert biting into Wendy's new Copperwood Pulled Pork Sandwich.
Wendy's new Copperwood Pulled Pork Loaded Fries.- Contributed Photos

For all the pork lovers out there, we have some great news just for you. Wendy's has pulled the assistance of Copperwood Pork and Belcour Preserves to introduce their all new pulled-pork sandwiches.

Jamaica is no stranger to international brands. Take a stroll down the street or down any supermarket aisle and you'll find a variety of international brands that have become part of our local culture.

Now think, how often do we see these same brands advertising new and exciting products to the mainstream North American markets, through magazines, cable television, the net and social media and not have the ability to try them here at home? Now for at least one product, this won't be an issue.

According to Sean Scott, CEO of Wisynco Foods, there's no reason international offerings shouldn't be made available in Jamaica. "Everything we do is at an international standard. We don't see why anything offered abroad can't be offered here. Jamaicans travel a lot and have sophisticated palates, so we know they will appreciate it. We worked together on this product to have a synergy that really brought something nice abroad, and made it even better, and ready for the Jamaican taste profile."

Hot Food item

Pulled pork is undoubtedly one of the hottest food items on the international culinary scene. Now, thanks to efforts made by three Jamaican companies, Wisynco Foods (local operators of Wendy's International), Copperwood Pork and Belcour Preserves, pulled pork has not only been brought to our shores, but 'Jamaicanised' with BBQ jerk sauce for a trio of new items on the Wendy's menu.

Brand manager at Copperwood, Tina Hamilton, says, "Pulled pork is food art. It's made by smoking the juiciest piece of the pig, the pork shoulder, for an extremely long period of time (up to 12 hours) over a low heat, until the meat is literally ready to fall off the bone. It's called pulled pork because it is so soft that you can literally pull it apart with just your bare hands".

Robin Lim Lumsden, of Belcour Preserves, gave us a sneak peek at the sandwich's preparation process. "The sandwich itself is more like home-cooked comfort food than fast food. It starts with Copperwood's fresh and tender pork being smoked and then spiced up with Belcour's all natural Honey Jerk Pepper Sauce, to give that authentic Jamaican flavour. It's then finished off with crunchy fresh coleslaw, and all this lies between Wendy's golden brioche bun", she pointed out

They say good things come in threes and the BBQ Jerk Pulled Pork is no different. It comes as a stand-alone sandwich, as an extra topping on a juicy cheeseburger or as a special, loaded cheese fries option.

So, if you're a true pork lover, or a first timer, then you should make a pit stop at Wendy's really soon while it lasts, and see just what they have to offer.