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19 Beans Cafe opens in Ocho Rios

Published:Thursday | January 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Carl Gilchrist Photo Frappuccino, anyone?
Carl Gilchrist Photo The tiny spot the recently opened 19 Beans Cafe occupies in Ocho Rios.
Carl Gilchrist Photo Jody-Ann Forbes preparing a frappuccino for a customer.

The most amazing thing about 19 Beans CafÈ which opened on January 4 at Island Plaza, aka Burger King Plaza, in Ocho Rios, is not the remarkably delicious double chocolate chip frappuccino or other iced coffee drinks it serves. Nor the delicious freshly baked cinnamon rolls, donuts, soft pretzels or brownies.

What strikes one first is the limited space that is being utilised.

The 19 Beans Cafe is nestled underneath a stairway and offers no seating space or even enough for its operator, Jody-Ann Forbes, to manoeuvre properly.

But who knows? It just might become trendy to be served through a window, that's not at a drive-thru.

More important, the young lady has embarked on a dream and has promised that within a year "I'll have somewhere big where people can come and sit down, you know, have a proper cafÈ, WiFi and everything like that!"

The first week of business has been good, she said, because of what's on the menu.

"We serve fresh fruit smoothies, blended coffee drinks like frappuccino, all different flavours. We do fresh pastries as I bake every single day. Every day I have freshly baked cinnamon rolls, donuts, soft pretzels and brownies. I also serve protein shakes and you can get your shake with your spirulina, your oats, and your peanut."

For the coffee beverages, Forbes uses Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and utilises the cold brew method which she says is perfect for iced coffee.

She has been a pastry chef for years but has finally decided to branch out on her own.

"I decided to branch out because I want to be more creative. And I like healthy stuff so that's why I decided I was going to do the juices along with the pastries."

And if you're wondering how the name 19 Beans CafÈ came about, she was born April 19, with the beans representing the coffee, cappuccino being one of her favourite beverages.

Forget the limited space, Forbes is confident her products will ensure her business does well. The response so far seems to be proving her correct.

"So far it has been good, we've had good response. Everybody likes this because they say it's something that is wanted in Ocho Rios. They see it all the time in other places in Jamaica but not in Ocho Rios. It's hip, it's cool," she ended.