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On the Move with Grace

Published:Thursday | February 5, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Biran McCalla Chef Kiprich (left) assisted by Garfield Stanley, preparing his masterpiece- Grace mackerel pasta, served with boiled banana and pumpkin, and potato salad.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer The three competitors in the Grace fast and furious ultimate mackerel culinary showdown posing proudly with the dishes. From left: Kiprich, who placed second, Gilroy Graham, who won third place and Ike Francis, who brought the title home.
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Chef Ike Francis adding final touches to his winning mackerel quesadillas
Brian McCalla/Freelance Photographer Gilroy Graham, ?Senior General Manager of Domestic Business, GK Foods, caught creating culinary magic with curry mackerel rundown with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables on the side.
Senior General Manager of Domestic Business, GK Foods, Gilroy Graham's third place dish: curry mackerel rundown with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.
A closer look at Ike Francis' dish which earned him the top spot of the Grace fast and furious ultimate mackerel culinary showdown: mackerel quesadillas served with a side of fresh garden salad

Last Friday, Grace Foods, known for bringing good taste to life, hosted the official launch of their Grace on the Move promotion at GraceKennedy Limited's headquarters in downtown Kingston.

The scene was set with flashing lights and chic red and black decor. Specially invited guests mingled while helping themselves to wines and other refreshments, as well as scrumptious dishes all made from Grace products.

Master of ceremonies Pretty Boy Floyd kept the crowd amused in-between presentations.

According to Group CEO Don Webhy: "Our Grace staff is going to be hitting the road, we're going to be visiting all our customers, re-engaging with our customers, listening to our customers, to see how we can improve and service them better."


Shaking things up


Gilroy Graham, senior general manager of domestic business, GK Foods, chimed in to add, "This year, we wanted to shake things up a bit. Grace is constantly growing and evolving to meet the needs of our customers. With this campaign, we want to signal that. We want to show our consumers that we are moving with the times, moving with the needs, and moving with them. We also wanted to take the opportunity to support our retail clients, bringing excitement into retail spaces, and really sharing the new energy being generated here at our headquarters with our partners across the island."

The On the Move

promotion, which runs until August 29, will see Grace Foods representatives visiting all 14 parishes to give away in-store prizes. To get in on the prizes, all their customers have to do is mail in five Grace labels, complete with the slogan, 'Grace, bringing good taste to life', along with their name, address and telephone number to 'Grace on the Move', 73 Harbour Street, Kingston. They can also hand it in at one of the many drop-off points located islandwide - there is no limit on how many times one can enter. Up for grabs is one of three Nissan motor vehicles, Nissan Versa, Nissan Juke and Nissan X-Trail. Shoppers can also have the opportunity to win a wide range of prizes, including family vacations, electronics and appliances.


Extra entertainment


The Grace's Spin the Wheel competition and the exciting trolley races provided extra entertainment, but the highlight of the night came from the Grace fast and furious ultimate mackerel culinary showdown. The live cookout saw the likes of artiste Kiprich, Gilroy Graham and audience member Ike Francis vying to be the victor.

Kiprich prepared a mackerel pasta, served with potato salad banana and pumpkin, which landed him in the second place, while Graham went all out with a curry mackerel rundown dished up with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables, which landed him in third place. While it was a heated battle, the ultimate champion dish came from the walk-in competitor Francis, who presented mackerel quesadillas with a fresh garden salad and freshly made dressing on the side.