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Ministry treats diplomats to culinary demonstration

Published:Thursday | February 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Chef Anthony Walters adding melted cocoa chocolate to a bowl with unflavoured whipped cream and vanilla, as a group of women look on.
Fried snapper with lettuce garnished with balsamic sauce.
Jerk chicken and ackee spring roll with chilli sauce.
Chef David Kitson removes jerk garlic bread from pot.
Chocolate mousse in brittle, garnished with pineapple, papaya and white chocolate
From left: Zhishun Xia (China) and Elizabeth Mmasello Ntwaagae (Botswana) wrap the jerk chicken spring roll.
Indira Zhigalour from Kazakhstan (left) and Anna Kazuba from Poland (right) are all smiles as Patricia Bassett stands to thank Chef Cole for his demonstration.

For the first time in the last four years, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs incorporated a culinary demonstration for the spouses of the diplomats as part of the annual Diplomatic Week, held recently at the Polo Lounge room at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

Former ambassador to Japan, Claudia Barnes, was on hand to greet the women and turned them over to their five chefs for the day.

After the formalities, the women got up close and personal with their notebooks and iPhones, making jottings as the chefs demonstrated the use of the ingredients and methods to prepare a variety of local and international dishes.

Some of the women were familiar with Jamaica's national dish, ackee and salt fish - they said it looked similar to scrambled eggs. Chef David Kitson informed them of the importance of preparing the ackee properly to avoid food poisoning.

Elizabeth Mmasello Ntwaagae from Botswana, along with Zhishun Xia from China, helped to wrap the spring rolls and sealed them with glue-like battered egg - then deep fried and served with chilli sauce.

All 10 women agreed that it was delicious.


Snapper salad


They were then served a salad of thinly sliced snapper, wallowed in blackened spice, then fried and served with a mixture of vegetables, including lettuce, with balsamic sauce.

Chef Cole's final dish was a ceviche - snapper soaked in lime juice vinegar, marinated in jerk seasoning, served with garlic bread.

Then it was time for dessert. Chef Anthony Walters introduced the women to brittle made from flour, corn syrup, melted butter, sugar, sesame and puppy seed. He showed them the steps to make this savoury snack.

Chef Walters added melted cocoa chocolate to an unflavoured whipped topping and vanilla, then mixed thoroughly. It was placed in a whipped-cream piping and then sprayed into the brittles and garnished with pineapple, papaya and white chocolate.

Christopher Hubson concluded the session with fruit carvings out of melon, carrot, pineapple and cucumber.