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Bachelor Chef Cookout X Delivers

Published:Tuesday | March 3, 2015 | 11:52 AM
From left: Brian Hanson, Dwayne Bailey, Shawna Kidd and Jerome Bethune are all smiles for our camera.
Royal queens Shameka Hughes (left) and Kasmira Khan rocking blue and shades in fine style.
Barbecued pork chops from Copperwood topped with a delicious sauce.
Nestlé’s Country Manager Jürg Blaser (right) shares the spotlight with Shawna Kidd and Craigon Pinnock.
Cute couple Casmar Jame and Yolanda Panton are captured in savoury indulgence.
Delicious Pasta Primavera still on the fire.
Chef Brian Sterling works magic at the pasta station.
Curried goat at its best!
Barbecued tenderloin from Copperwood hot on the grill.

Sunday fun day was given a whole new meaning as families and friends turned up in their numbers for the 10th staging of Bachelor Chef Cookout held at Tiki Hut, formerly Kabana.

Last weekend's highly anticipated event, under the tag line 'Food is Love', expressed its deep affections for all things culinary, by offering their dining patrons a flavourful buffet they will never forget.

A few came out early, beating the rush in order to sample the 'best of the best' at all the designated food stations. For them, it was truly a case of 'first come, first serve', as Jamaicans would say. While others opted to be fashionably late, social-media outlets did not miss a beat in capturing most of the grand entrances and chill-spots inside the venue.

Stations one through four held up their end of the bargain in exciting palates with their scrumptious servings of potato, macaroni and fruit salads, grilled gourmet pork sausages with dip, vegetable spring rolls, chilli con carne, sweet chilli fish, curried goat wrapped in roti, and jerk chicken, along with many other dishes.

The pasta station, which opened later than the others, produced such delicious penne of shrimp or chicken swimming in a sea of signature sauces that many returned for more. And Copperwood had to live with a permanently curved line before its station as their mouth-watering barbecue pork chops

and barbecue tenderloin stimulated and encouraged taste buds.

The day and night event kept the two cash bars busy in replenishing worked-up thirsts with the wide array of beverages to choose from. The talk of the town where libations were concerned was CPJ's Mojito bar, which gave you the option of building your own exotic concoction from scratch or using the assistance of the experienced mixologist available to achieve your ultimate mojito.

With family, friends and food all gathered in harmony, it was time to join forces with another F: fÍte. With appetites satiated, those in attendance indulged in the music provided, standing their ground in making any and everywhere their very own dance floor and partying into the dark of the night.

So, it's safe to say that Bachelor Chef Cookout delivered the complete package and was ultimately a success.