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Enjoy Natural Smoothies For A Healthier You

Published:Wednesday | March 4, 2015 | 10:43 AMKarrie Williams
Infusionist Sherdon Jackson showing off Carroot Cake On The Scene.
I Kaled It
Carrot Cake
Sweet Beet and Greens


Have you been keeping up with your heath resolutions for 2015? For those who might be struggling, incorporating a smoothie in your daily diet could prove the turnaround you need for a healthier life!

In the city of Montego Bay, nutrient-packed fruit and vegetable smoothies are becoming all the rave, thanks to self-made nutritional specialist, Desrine Anderson, proprietor of D'Vine Living Essentials, which is the Second City's one-stop shop for products geared towards living a healthy lifestyle.

For those who may be suffering from illnesses ranging from a diminished sex drive to constipation or fatigue, among others, Anderson has just the right smoothie, tailor-made to fix your health problems, in a natural and economical way.

In highlighting the health benefits of kale and spirulina, two of her key ingredients, Anderson told Food, "Kale is a super food that contains both protein and Vitamin C, and is very good for the bones and teeth. Spirulina, which is freshwater algae, by itself, has in more protein than beef and fish, it boosts sex drive, is great for weight loss and also helps with insomnia.

"Together, both work in unison to detoxify the body, boost your immune system and set you on the path to good health," she added.

Smoothies are made fresh on a daily basis by Infusionist Sherdon Jackson. Customers are allowed to exercise some amount of modification to the ingredients making up their preferred smoothie, but Anderson cautioned this was not done to a large extent.

Among the choices available on D'Vine Essentials extensive smoothie menu are I Kaled It, which is surprisingly delicious and goes down very well. Along with kale as its primary ingredient, this smoothie also contains pineapple, banana, coconut oil and spirulina. There is Carrot Cake On The Scene, and as the name suggests, this has a similar taste to that of the baked product. Another great option on the menu is citrus sensation which brings out the freshness of all the ingredients in each sip.

Natural sweeteners such as honey and molasses are used to add a bit more flavour to some vegetable-based smoothies. Where milk is added, only plant-based milk is used. Although Anderson currently offers over a dozen smoothie options, she told Food that even more choices will be rolled out to customers as the year progresses.

D'Vine Living Essentials offers a delivery service for its smoothies to businesses in and around Montego Bay. The shop opens Monday to Saturday.