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The Award Goes To…

Published:Thursday | March 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Wine, like actors and actresses, performs to an audience, waiting for the roar of the crowd and applause. In an equally elegant fashion, entertainers, too, look forward to being recognised for the skill and dedication to their craft at the Academy Awards, among others, and now so can the spirits.

Drinks International, a worldwide magazine, has devoted its purpose to spirits and beers, not to mention wines as well. This magazine is geared to international drink buyers and focuses on the latest trends and developments in the industry.

In its global reach, Drinks International has created an award, World's Most Admired Wine Brands, to show reverence to exceptional wine brands, not just an individual winner but winners.

Their approach is straightforward, bringing together a little over 200 members of the academy of wine, sommeliers, educators and journalists (unfortunately not me) to evaluate some wines on the following premise:

n The wine should be of consistent or improving quality.

n It should reflect its region or country of origin.

n It should respond to the needs and tastes of its target audience.

n It should be well marketed and packaged.

n It should have strong appeal to a wide demographic.

This dedicated group of experts has created a list of 50 wine brands that meet the previously mentioned criteria. Just in case you thought for a moment that we do not have good wines in Jamaica, we have just about 50 per cent of the top brands available on our supermarket shelves. Our wine purveyors have certainly worked very hard to give us some of the world's best.

Most admired

Without further ado ... drum roll, please ... The award for World's Most Admired Wine Brand goes to ... a European winemaker who has consistently found its groove of appeal to the consumer. This is none other than the Spanish winemaker, Torres. The family-owned brand has successfully won this achievement for the second year running.

What you are likely to see on the shelves under this brand are Vina Esmeralda, which I personally enjoyed with my seafood pizza experiment last year, yummy! Milmanda, Celeste Crianza, Salmos, Sangre de Toro and its big brother, Gran Sangre de Toro, are a few that you may see gracing our local shelves.

Although this Spanish wine brand reigns as #1, there are quite a number of the top fifty that are available in Jamaica, again reinforcing the notion we do have good wines here.

#3 Penfolds


#4 Villa Maria (New

Zealand - a beautiful


Blanc,love it!)

#6 Casillero Del

Diablo (Chile)

#14 Cloudy Bay

(New Zealand)

#18 Zonin (Italy)

#20 Santa Rita


#21 Kendel Jackson


#22 Yellow Tail (Australia)

#25 Jacobs Creek (Australia)

#26 Oyster Bay (New


#28 Chateau St Michelle


#29 Robert Mondavi (USA)

#30 Barefoot (USA)

#32 Louis Latour (France)

#33 KWV (Golden Khan -

South Africa)

#35 Duboeuf (France)

#36 Lindermans (Australian)

#37 Trapiche (Chile)

#46 Undurraga (Chile)

#48 Woodbridge (USA)

#50 Fetzer (USA)

These wine brands have a range of varietals and are certainly worth giving a taste. I certainly will indulge and raise my glass to Torres and toast to good wine. Salut!

n I am not an expert, merely a wine enthusiast sharing my thoughts and experiences. Feel free to share your own experiences at