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Flow fetes with food

Published:Thursday | March 19, 2015 | 12:00 AM
A special cocktail for the spectacular launch of Flow’s AVS. It’s the Future Flow cocktail which was smooth and sent patrons in cocktail heaven. Coloured blue green for the night. It was a hit.
Desert was a delight! Passion fruit parfaits had the patrons begging for more. There was also mini cheesecake bites were also available. One bite was not enough as all wanted more of this Jacqui Tyson creation.
Turkey and marlin rolls that went quickly as patrons could not get enough of this sensation.
A grand display of Hamilton Cold Cuts - (turkey and ham) with a special dip created by extraordinary chef Jacqui Tyson just for the launch.

Dubbed 'Flow Future', more than 200 specially invited guests gathered to witness the unknown. The excitement had been building as guests were told to expect something massive, something revolutionary.

At 7:40, the curtains at the transformed National Indoor Sports Centre rose, fuelling even more excitement about what was to come. High-tech lights and crystal clear sound and screens revealed it. Flow's newest product, Advanced Video Service (AVS) is here, with features that will allow customers to view cable on their schedule, provide more high-definition channels and make viewing pleasurable. The product gained rave reviews.

Upon entry, each patron was given a signature blue cocktail - 'Flow Future' - which had the perfect mixture of sweetness and rum, complemented by dry ice which gave the illusion of smoke. The drink was a treat for the lips as well as the eyes. It was a smoking blue cocktail that had patrons in awe.

A caviar bar was stationed in the centre of the room, while the exhaustive five-course menu catered to the discerning palates of all in attendance.

In the intimate setting of the lounge area, the savoury shrimp kebabs, lamb lollipops and lobster medallions titillated the senses. The constant flow of food throughout the night mixed with good company made for a very enjoyable evening.

Jamaica's own celebrity chef extraordinaire Jaqui Tyson catered the event. Known for her world-class meals and unique flair for food presentation, Tyson delivered a very diverse and delectable menu.

"I wanted the food to have a tech vibe. That meant small portions, with LED lit trays, incorporating the Flow blue into the plating as well. The disguise at the beginning was to have persons thinking that they were at a regular cocktail event, introducing a new item at intervals, building that momentum," Tyson told Food.

Some patrons were caught licking their fingers and forks as the waiters meandered through the gathering with serving trays.

It was indeed an exciting night. Not only was there an unveiling of a new product, but the event was the ultimate foodie's paradise.

See if you can recreate this delectable creation by Tyson.


Sweet Potato Blini



with Fois Gras


n 1/2 cup all-purpose flour

n 2tbsp baking powder

n 3/4 cup milk

n 1 egg

n 2tbsp butter

n 21/2 cups cooked mashed sweet potato

n 1/4lb foie gras - duck liver, thinly sliced (chicken liver can be used as a substitute)

n Red and black caviar




1. Mix all ingredients (excluding the foie gras) together in a bowl.

2. Using a teaspoon, drop a spoonful of mixture in a nonstick pan. Turn immediately and remove blini.

3. In a hot non-stick pan, sear both sides of thinly sliced liver. Add a dash of salt.

4. Serving - Add liver on top of blini with a pinch of sour cream and sprinkle red and black caviar.

Yield: 36 blinis.