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Carnival wines

Published:Tuesday | March 31, 2015 | 12:00 AMJason Clarke
Wine in hand, Miss Jamaica World 2014 Laurie-Ann Chin is ready for Carnival.
Miss Jamaica World 2014 Laurie-Ann Chin cools down with some wine in her Carnival costume.
This range of wines is a great option for Carnival.

Oh, Bacchanal! The era of the cooler  fête and the much-anticipated Carnival Sunday is fast upon us. What better way to enjoy the road or the sidewalk than with a #sweetwine?

Gorgeous people in custom-made costumes "chipping down the road" means one thing - fun. There are lots of great value-based options to consider that will probably have you saying, "I have no apology, no apology, for mi behaviour!"


Light, crisp white wines like Pinot Grigio are a great option to combat the heat until the famous 2 p.m. rain on Carnival Sunday. Dancing Flame Pinot Grigio is a great price point to certainly make it into the cooler for your sidewalk fÍtes.

Who can fÍte and not try to "tief a sweet wine" with Hardy's Moscato. Although sweet, when very cold, it is great. This moscato is a fruity wine, reminding you of tropical fruits with a crisp finish, which makes it a yummy, affordable option. Hardy's has also updated its labels to make them more distinct and visibly appealing.

To complete the whites in the cooler, a Chardonnay is also a good bet. The Rex Goliath Chardonnay is a big, bold, full-body white with delicious aromas of ripe fruit. From that first sip, you'll find it's a bit sweeter than many other Chardonnays and it maintains that oak, fruity taste with a great finish.


Light reds are always a good idea, simply because you want wines that won't have your blood setting to boil in the heat of the day. The Woodbridge Pinot Noir is simply elegant. From the first sip, the beautiful black cherry flavours with rich tannins make it textually appealing on your palate. Remember, tannins are wine's natural preservative from the pits and skins of the grapes, which add both bitterness and complexity to the wine. Having this very cold will no doubt make this more enjoyable and a worthwhile addition.

Sweet reds are becoming more popular and are certainly a worthwhile addition to the cooler, particularly if you are entertaining new wine drinkers or a few lovely ladies. Lamothe Parrot is a great easy-drinking sweet red that can certainly be considered a crowd-pleaser. Every time I open a bottle for friends who say they aren't wine drinkers, they somehow keep refilling their glasses until the bottle is empty. This French wine is simple and uncomplicated.


Thinking of something that is distinct and has a little fizz to make your taste buds do a happy dance? Think Sperone Rose Moscato, which is a fresh and fruity wine. It seems to be quite popular this season, making its appearance at a number of parties an all-rounder.

There is no doubt that I will be on the sidewalk with my folding chair and cooler to fully enjoy the energy and music.

Thanks to an amazing and talented set of women who certainly made this story more enjoyable.

Model: Miss Jamaica World 2014 Laurie-Ann Chin

Costume Design: Simone Michelle

Make-up: Shaphawa Hilton of So Sassy

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