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Women and Wine

Published:Wednesday | April 8, 2015 | 12:00 AMJason Clarke
Kim Crawford
Clarke enjoying a glass of Meiomi at the Wine Shop recently.

Every time I go out these days, it seems women always have a glass of wine in hand. Every woman has a particular wine she prefers, whether reds or whites, fruity or robust. Whatever the preference, off the bat, the type of wine a woman drinks can tell you a lot about her (not grounded in any formal research.

This wine is always assertive and direct and hits instantaneously. By virtue of its level of tannins, it only gets better with age, making this a classic beauty. With 'Cabs' that have long legs, it makes you fully appreciate all her splendour with every sip. Although as a bold and vivacious varietal, there are degrees of intensity and often, the older it gets is the more striking it becomes.

Merlots are special all-rounders that can be very aromatic with soft supple fruit flavours like plums and cherries.

She is elegant and graceful and certainly not into the loud city life, but a quiet, more peaceful surrounding. Every now and again, you come across a Pinot Noir that really grabs you. Nothing light and ordinary, but something truly decadent.

Meiomi - beautiful aromas of dark red fruits, almost like velvet on the tongue

Californian wine Meiomi is one which I was privileged to share with a few friends at the Wine Shop last week. International publication Wine and Spirits ranks it No. 1 by the glass and the No. 2 most popular Pinot Noir. This is certainly a must-try.


Chardonnay, to me, is more of an acquired taste, and not all winemakers follow a very typical prescription. But, when you find the right one, she speaks to all your senses.

It is quite possibly the fastest-growing varietal in Jamaica, with a presence in every restaurant, party and supermarket. This varietal knows how to make you smile at those cheesy, corny jokes. But its personality is unmistakable. Its typical tropical fruit-like aromas are what make this so enjoyable for easy consumption. There are several on the market, and all quite delightful.

The wine's herbal or grassy kinds of notes command attention. Needless to say, the Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand are oozing charisma - deeply aromatic wines that are quite literally like perfume just gently massaging your nose. My all-time favourite is Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, which has such a powerful aroma, and is crisp on the palate, with the perfect balance of acidity. There are many others, but she is by far one of my favourites.