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A Sweeter Spin with Wing King

Published:Thursday | April 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Wing King’s sweet deal crispy fried and grilled wings served with sweet balls and fries.
The reggae salad from Wing King is ready and waiting to satisfy your healthy cravings.
Chef Denham Johnson proudly displays his creative dish of crispy fried and grilled chicken wings with sweet balls and fries.
Mouth-watering sauces from Wing King which include sweet and sour, buffalo wild, strawberry hot, strawberry mild, bacon Cheddar ranch, guava jerk and sweet sensation Dragon Stout.

Looking to ignite your taste buds with a burst of authentic rich flavours? Well, Wing King has the right gastronomic delights just for you.

Food recently sat down with Christopher Morgan, managing director and CEO of Wing King, to find out about the newly implemented lunch specials, as well as their daily delivery service.

Morgan told Food, "Because we wanted a well-rounded menu, and a lot of people are now going the healthy route, we have decided to join the team and push that lifestyle while supplying other options. You can call it the best of both worlds."

On the menu so far are grilled barbecue chicken or crispy fried chicken served with sweet balls or fries. This is their sweet deal. Teriyaki bake, jerked chicken and sweet and sour chicken, are usually served as quarters or wings, with fries or reggae rice, with a side of vegetables, or a salad, alongside your choice of water or a drink.

Morgan, also highlighted their new reggae salad, consisting of chicken breast, red peas, corn and carrots. He guarantees that the vibrant colours and the taste will dance on your palate with every bite.

But the highlight of the salads and the other dishes would definitely be the sauce. "People will come and eat our gourmet sauces on their salads and meat, so that gives our dishes a distinctly unique and great flavour."

The tasty sauces to choose from include sweet and sour, buffalo wild, strawberry hot, strawberry mild, bacon Cheddar ranch, guava jerk and their famous Dragon Stout.

And as an added bonus, they have decided to incorporate delivery on to their list of services. Why delivery?

According to Morgan, because people want their food taken to them. "Delivery is the answer to one of our biggest questions: What are we going to eat today, or tonight? We deliver from the moment we open at 11 a.m until we close at 9 p.m. People want hot, fresh and delicious food at their fingertips, and delivery provides just that," states Morgan.

Chef Denham Johnson confirms that their combination of Jamaican herbs and spices, with natural fruit flavours, is sure to please food lovers. And the best part? The prices are very reasonable.

Still having doubts? Well, taste it for yourself and indulge in the sweeter side of Wing King.

The Wing King is located at 114 Constant Spring Road. You can contact them at 620-9464 or 620-9465.