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Blends to the rescue

Published:Thursday | April 23, 2015 | 12:00 AMRasbert Turner
Fuel Up, madde from beet root, carrot, apple and grapes.
A bowlful of flax seeds before being blended.
Blends juices - The Miracle Man

At a time when persons are finding it hard to consistently eat healthy, rest assured, Blends is here to the rescue.

Established last year, Blends offers shakes, teas, smoothies and natural juices that today have become a favourite for many.

Among the popular choices are Miracle Man - a blend of cashew, flax and sunflower seeds. The Good One ccontains oats, spirulina, Dragon stout and sometimes cayenne pepper.

Also available are pumpkin punch refresher and all-natural fruit punch, among other refreshing natural juices - all complemented by fruit-based cookies.

"We started this venture after observing the need for a healthy food source for persons in Portmore and this seems the ideal location," proprietor, Kevin Smith, told Food.

All beverages are made with fruits and vegetables and are blended on spot, made to order.

"We do not use sugar in our products. Instead, we use strawberries, ripe bananas, oranges and other natural sweeteners, and the reviews have been good," Smith disclosed.

Located at Phoenix Fuels, Grange Lane in St Catherine, the juice bar has become a household name.

One of their regular customers is Michael Sibbles, who told Food, "I am a fan of the Good One. I must tell you that I really like the results and it has certainly helped me to maintain a healthy diet."