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Sandals Ochi Beach Resort opens two hip spots

Published:Thursday | April 23, 2015 | 12:00 AM
After giving a soulful rendition, Phylea Carley cools down with a glass of champagne.
The delectable desserts - cornmeal puding, gizzada and coconut drops.
The savoury dishes were accompanied by festival, roasted breadfruit, roast sweet potato and sliced hard dough bread.
Succulent roasted fish fillet.
The scrumptious jerked chicken was asked for by almost everybody.
The talented saxophonist, Damon Riley plays soulfully, much to the delight of diners.
The jerked pork is fingerlicking good.

Ocho Rios' hippest hotel, Sandals Ochi Beach Resort, having gone through a multimillion-dollar renovation, recently opened The Jerk Shack and relaunched the Caribbean's first speakeasy bar - Rabbit Hole. Last weekend, Food got the astronomical privilege of experiencing both spots. Indulge!

With an easy, laid-back atmosphere, diners at The Jerk Shack were greeted with a refreshing jelly coconut and sugar cane laced with coconut rum, before sitting down to enjoy authentic Jamaican dishes. Saxophonist Damon Riley, playing favourites of yesteryear, created the perfect musical backdrop with his talented performance.

The jerked specialities - pork, chicken, sausage, and roasted fish - were accompanied by festival, sliced hard-dough bread, roasted breadfruit and sweet potato. This was topped off with dessert, which included cornmeal pudding, gizzadas and coconut drops.

Also new to the table were the signature pepper sauces by Chef Brenton Edwards made with all-natural ingredients with three degrees of 'heat', starting with Touch a Fire, More Fire and Double Fire.

Set in the early 1920s, Rabbit Hole speakeasy bar opened with a bang.

Country western music echoed beneath the bursts of chatter and laughter that filled the two-storey building as patrons entered after sharing the password - just like the good old days.

True to the Alice in Wonderland theme, a gigantic picture of the Queen of Hearts overlooked the dapperly dressed Mad Hater mixologists.

And what would a bar be without abundant alcoholic beverages? Waitresses adorned in fringed little black dresses and bow ties were at the beck and call to serve from the more than 20 different signature mixes.

At showtime, sexy 'Alices' gave a spectacular four-minute performance to Dancin' Fool, much to the delight of the audience.

Singing A New Life New Day, Phylea Carley started her set with a soulful rendition in a form-fitting red dress. She also covered Fever, Rolling in the Deep and Rather Be, while serenading one happy patron, before moving on to At Last.

As the party climaxed, the 'Mayor' and two armed 'policemen' shut the bar down, but not before getting a few drinks and dance.