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A blast from the past: childhood breakfast memoirs

Published:Thursday | May 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Baked beans with sausages.
Ackee and saltfish

Jamaicans are high on traditions so Food asked a few readers to share their fondest breakfast memories. Here is what they had to say:

1. I recall punching two holes in the Betty Sweetened Condensed Milk, blowing through one hole so the milk trapped on the inside would escape through the other and ooze all over my slice of bread.

- N.B. 35, male


2.I used to go to the country with my mother, and one day, while visiting my grandfather's property, my cousin and I climbed through the fence of the cow pasture to where the chocolate tree was (cocoa trees but we called them chocolate). We raided the tree and to this day whenever I go to country, I have to get a pod for myself.

- J.L. 27, female


3. My fondest memory is drinking MILO, the food drink of champions every morning before I went to school because I truly believed the hot beverage made me into an actual champion.

- G.W. 27, male


4. My brother came home from overseas for Christmas and we couldn't wake him up to come and eat, so I brought a fried dumpling to his room and waved it around his nose so that he could get out of bed.

- S.G. 24, female


5. I always made breakfast, ranging from scrambled eggs or my favourite - freshly prepared pancakes with Aunt Jemima syrup, for myself and my brother. I felt like a chef the entire time, but what I remembered most is that my brother would fall asleep while eating breakfast every morning before we went off to school.

- A.W. 27, male


6. I grew up with my mother's mother in Old Harbour. My cousins and I attended Midland Preparatory in May Pen and we had to leave the house by 7 a.m. to get to school. My grandmother would wake up early and make us eggs and sausages for breakfast. We also had fresh mint growing in the backyard so a cup of that we would have. It was such a wonderful feeling to be greeted by the wide array of flavours and aromas as we got ready for school.

- M.A. 29, female


7. My best childhood memory would have to be stealing the Horlicks from the container and eating it, just before my mother made breakfast for my brother and I.

- C.V. 30, male


8. We would always have light meals like porridge during the week, but on the weekends, we would splurge on a big meal - salt mackerel, with boiled dumpling and bananas, occasionally fried plantain. The meal was always the same, but no matter what was happening, we'd know that sitting down to breakfast was a must, and we looked forward to the easy going pace and the quality time with family.

- R.S. 31, female


9. I liked having cornmeal porridge in the mornings but I looked forward to eating the national dish (ackee and saltfish) with a cup of cocoa when I was younger.

- R.P. 32, male