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How I did it

Published:Thursday | May 14, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

"I don't want it," are words every parent has heard too often from their children when it comes to food, and too often the children tend to win the battle with finding tricks to dispose of their foods.

However, some parents have devised a few tricks of their own to get their children to eat what's best for them. Food caught up with these 'experts' and they shared some trade secrets with us that you can use too.

June Alveranga

To be honest, she was a picky eater between the ages of two and three. However, I tried to introduce her to foods at different periods in different ways, mixing it up , until she doesn't even remember she doesn't like it. Sometimes I eat it to show her it is good, which also helped her to eat.

Windward Lawrence

My son did not like raw vegetables. I think that it was more about the texture rather than the taste, so we just cut it up small and mix it into his food in order for him to eat. It is all about covering up the texture.

Javane Lawrence

I give him incentives. If you eat this then you get that, but there are times you just have to put your foot down. The main thing that worked for me, though, is the bribing.

Neville Salmon

If I find that there are things that my daughter does not like, I will mix it with something that she does in order to get her to eat it. She does not like to eat macaroni, but if I mix it with corned beef, then she will eat it. She also hates papaya, but when I blend it into her juice she will drink it. So I just mix things and introduce it to her.

Denise McDonald

She did not like jimbilin because of how it looked, so I peeled it, cut it up and told her it was an apple. I told her it is good for the baby. Sometimes I would sing a song to get her to eat or tell her it will make her as strong as someone she emulates.