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Shaking it Up for Breakfast

Published:Monday | May 11, 2015 | 6:36 PM
Start the morning off right with a specially made furit shake.
It will be smooth sailing for your work day when you indulge in these delicious and nutritious natural smoothies from Live Juice Bar.

Shaking it up for breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for many working class individuals, it has been declared mission impossible to consume food during that time period every day.

Justifications have ranged from there is no time to cook, to it is way too early for their stomach to accommodate a heavy meal which will leave them feeling fatigued.

But how about finding a feasibly delicious solution? Let's ditch these tired excuses and shake up the way you look at breakfast by introducing you to the world of smoothies and shakes.

Natural juicologist and Live Juice Bar creator and owner, Cherie Dowdie, explained that the best way to shake things up for breakfast is by living on the greener side of life. "Greens are always a strong way to start the day. Greens at the beginning of the day energise the body because of chlorophyll which amps up the body's ability to transport oxygen in the blood. Better oxygenated blood means more energy. Greens are also rich in magnesium and zinc which are excellent immune system boosters," she revealed.

She notes that making your morning green smoothie a habit, will over time reap benefits such as; weight loss, improvement in hair skin and nails as well as improved digestion and elimination. And who wouldn't want those?

Still not convinced that shakes and smoothies are for you? Well, meet Shanoy Coombs who made her first green smoothie in October of 2012. For Coombs, breakfast shakes started out of convenience but she has never looked back. With her hectic schedule, she found that this was the best way to nourish her body. "For me, green smoothies are a very convenient and easy option for persons on the go. The 'greens' really do give me natural energy, the equivalent of what some persons get from coffee. I am also able to pack in servings of fruits and veggies to start the day and oh yes, my body loves the fibrous goodness too."

Speaking of coffee, if you want to give your body the extra kick it needs to turn Mondays Blues into Motivated Mondays, you can add caffeine (in what form?) to your personal smoothie or shake mix, since coffee holds significant benefits such as improving energy, burning fat, stimulating the nervous system, it gives you a nice buzz to go through the rest of your day.

Coombs revealed that all of her recipes were created by trial and error, "These were typically from flavoured soy milk, oats and fruits such as banana, papaya or mangoes. I literally stumbled on my green smoothie when I was home achy one day and wanted a drink then wounded up with a very sour mix. Several experiments later, I now have many favourites.

Dowdie is on board with sakes as she shared two of her recipes with us. Her moringa smoothie can serve as an excellent meal replacement, because it is very nutrient dense- containing a good source of protein, iron, vitamin A, C, K and calcium. It is also a strong immune booster. Dowdie notes that moringa, helps to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, is anti-inflammatory, builds up circulation and soothes anxiety.

Her Vanilla Flax Treat combines the sweetness of banana, vanilla and the malt flavour of flax to make this smoothie a nutritious yet a delicious treat. If you have a natural sweet tooth, then this smoothie is a perfect morning starter for you. "What makes it a wonderful breakfast is that the flax seeds are very filling. Flax is omega-3 rich which is great for brain boosting, and heart health and balancing female hormones. It is also rich in fibre which combined with potassium rich banana, provides sustained energy throughout the morning. Fibre also aids in digestive health.

Think you are ready to shake things up? Start with these amazing recipes:

Live Juice Bar Green Smoothie (yields 16oz/2 servings)


2 ripe bananas or 1 small plantain

1 cup chopped calaloo leaves

1 cup pineapple chopped

1/2 cups liquid (extracted juice, water, coconut water or nut milk)


Blend to desired consistency. Add lime or ginger to taste.

Live Juice Bar Moringa/Mango smoothie (yields 16oz/2 servings)


1 cup mango

2 cups liquid (extracted juice, water, coconut water or nut milk)

2 tbsp moringa powder or 1 cup fresh moringa leaves

1/2 very juicy lime.


Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.

Live Juice Bar Vanilla Flax Treat


2 bananas/1 small plantain

2 cups liquid (nut milk, extracted pineapple juice, coconut water, coconut milk)

1 tbs flax seed

1/2 tsp vanilla


Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth.

Shanoy Coomb's Sweet and Sour Goodness


1/2 starfruit

1/2 cup kale/callaloo/spinach/romaine lettuce,

1 ripe banana or 1 mango

1 freshly squeezed orange and Ice cubes


Combine all ingredients, add water if necessary, whip and drink.

Shanoy Coomb's Purple Power


A handful of blueberries

1 ripe banana,

Soy or almond milk,

Ice cubes,

Flax or Chai seeds (sometimes she adds protein powder)


Combine all ingredients; add water if necessary, whip and drink.

Shanoy Coomb's Pumpkin Pie

A handful of cubed boiled pumpkin,

1 mango or banana,

1 cup soy or almond milk,

ice cubes,

Pinch of cinnamon powder


Combine all ingredients, have honey on standby for taste and enjoy.