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Take Your Nose Out of Women’s Womb

Published:Thursday | May 14, 2015 | 5:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

Most parents will tell you that one of the hardest tasks when raising children is getting them to eat healthy. Just a whiff of the food being healthy, and it's a hopeless battle. Food has uncovered some of the secrets to getting your children to eat healthily and loving it too. Here are some tips.

1. Blend it up. If your children do not like fruits and vegetables, making it into a juice will usually help them to consume it.

2. Introduce new foods with ones they like. If your child does not like eggs but they enjoy eating cheese, make an omelette and add shredded cheese to it. This will help them to forget that they hate eggs because it is mixed with something that they love.

3. Add some colour. Eating starts with the eyes, even for the little ones. Add some colour and make the dish more appealing. If you don't find it 'attractive', chances are neither will they.

4. Make it playful. Give their sandwich a shape - heart, circle - or give the porridge a face with bits of fruit. This is a playful way to attract your child's attention with a healthy meal.

5. Get them involved. Children will appreciate their handiwork, and be more inclined to eat something they helped to prepare. Also, if they see what is going into it, they will more than likely eat it, as it will appear less foreign.

6. Set the example. Children live what they learn, so if they see you eating and enjoying your vegetables, they will model your behaviour.

7. Be stern. Sometimes there is no room for games and tricks, so you just have to be firm and let them know you are in charge. Tell them it is best for them and they have to eat it.