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Market List

Published:Thursday | May 21, 2015 | 12:00 AM
This youngster was seen taking a bite into an orange on Darling Street, Kingston, on Monday, May 19, 2014.
Irish potatoes


Oranges will be hard to come by this week. The common variety will cost you anything between $100 and $150 per dozen, while the choice navel fruit can cost as much as $300 per dozen. These prices apply to most rural retail markets, including Montego Bay's Charles Gordon Market.

Green banana

Green bananas are on fair offer these days in most rural retail markets. The current price per dozen ranges between $80 and $120 depending on the variety of the course.

Pork stew

Pork stew is on fair offer at this time in meat shops and delicatessen establishments. Meat shops or butcher stalls be will be quoting $280 per pound, while supermarkets and delicatessen establishments will ask $450 per pound.


Onion is in great supply at this time.

Mid-island capitals like May Pen and Spanish Town will ask $70 per pound, as well as Montego Bay's Charles Gordon Market.

Cheaper retail outlets in downtown Kingston will ask as little as $50 per pound.

Irish potato

Montego Bay's Charles Gordon Market will this week quote prices ranging between $70 and $80 per pound. Most rural retail markets, however, will quote $70 per pound.