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Published:Thursday | June 4, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Chicken and vegetable pizza.
Baked chicken, yam, sweet potatoes and steamed vegetables.
Baked chicken, brown rice and peas and steamed vegetables.
Matthew after loosing 19 pounds.
Matthew Christian before.
Latoya Anderson after losing 63 pounds.
Latoya Anderson before getting her meals at Complete Nutrition Care Diet Centre.
Chicken stewed peas with brown rice and vegetables.
One of Rankine-Henry's forzen meal.

A weight loss journey can be a tumultuous task especially when it comes to what to eat. But Janet Rankine-Henry has made it easy with Complete Nutrition Care Diet Centre.

Nutritionist Rankine-Henry has been in the nutrition industry for more than 10 years, and when it was time for her to start something new, with the encouragement of her family, CNC Diet centre was born.

Most effective was that of her sister, Dorcas Christian. She went out on a limb and her family came together and assisted her, being the first on her list of applicants. CNC began on February 14, they recommended her to friends and the rest is history.

CNC Diet Centre focuses on portion control. Rankine-Henry takes the care of her clients beyond just consultation, to actually preparing the meals. Nutritious meals are prepared in the correct portions with less salt and oil to make it as healthy as possible without being bland. Rankine-Henry started out preparing only vacuumed packed frozen meals. These meals are easily stored in the freezer and ready in just a few minutes.

"Sometimes preparing the meal is the hardest part for people who want to lose weight. To try and prepare these meals is not always easy, and they might not have the time. So having something that they can reheat and go makes it convenient and easy for them," Rankine-Henry told Food.

CNC Diet Centre has now evolved, and warm meals are prepared and delivered to customers in Kingston and Portmore. The frozen packaged dishes are also still available.

Outside of providing nutritious meals, Rankine-Henry is constantly coaching and doing consultation with her clients to keep them motivated, and is constantly accessible to them.

The business has not been easy, and sometimes the company ends up being run on a deficit, because she wants it to remain accessible to everyone. But for her the results of her clients make it worthwhile.

She has had clients who are proud to report that they have lost 10 pounds in just six weeks.

After starting the programme in April 2014, Dahlia Callum has so far lost 37 pounds. The programme is also child friendly as Rankine-Henry's nephew Matthew was put on the programme in August 2014 and to date has lost 19 pounds.

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