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Scotiafoundation brings schools and homes together at Nutrition for Learning

Published:Thursday | June 4, 2015 | 12:02 PM
The team from Denham Town looks on in fascination as they check out Jacqui Tyson’s fried canned mackerel.
Jacqui Tyson demonstrates the Pumpkin Mackerel dish.
Jacqui Tyson gives a demonstration to the group.

On Saturday, ScotiaFoundation brought together schools involved in its breakfast programme and some children's homes to share creative ways to create inexpensive dishes for children.

Now re-branded as Nutrition for Learning, 38 canteen cooks from 11 institutions came out to be part of the experience.

For some time now, the foundation has been assisting a number of schools to supplement their school-feeding programme by providing them with the money to prepare the meals. The schools are Whitfield All-Age, Holy Family Infant and Primary, Denham Town Primary, Allman Town Primary, Bamboo Primary in St Ann, Elim Early Childhood Development Centre in St Elizabeth, and in Portland, Draper's All-Age and Norwich Primary.

Hosted by Jacqui Tyson, the participants were introduced to a range of methods to prepare meals in attractive and appetising ways, and at least for one day, the cooks were catered to. Dishes including curried vegetable pasta, pumpkin mackerel, and fried mackerel were prepared and sampled.

In the end, the ScotiaFoundation presented each institution with a set of three metal mixing bowls, cutting knives and cutting boards to be used during food preparation.