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Bachelor Chef Shea now at Countryside

Published:Thursday | June 11, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Dadrian Dixon (left) offers up some sweet mango barbecue wings to the elegant Michelle Gordon.
Oshane Cole (right) serves extra sauce to Andrew Raymore while Tina Hamilton looks on.
Man of the hour, Chef Shea Stewart, shares the spotlight with media personality Khadine Hylton, better known as Miss Kitty.

Just imagine good friends engaging in great conversation while listening to some good music and indulging in some delicious fare. Well, this was the case at the delectable tasting - 'Savour' held at Shea's at Countryside Club last Wednesday night.

Best known for his famous Bachelor Chef series, Chef Shea Stewart has broadened his palate-pleasing horizons from just catering, to finding a new home at Countryside Club. He welcomed all to his delicious abode and encouraged all to relax, treat their taste buds with some new dishes now on their menu, and enjoy the ambience.

The hidden oasis nestled on the outskirts of busy Half-Way Tree was quaint and convivial. It allowed specially invited guests to escape from their everyday world and enter into a whole new one of gastronomical delight.


The menu for the evening included a mouth-watering combination of the savoury and sweet, with creamy in between. Copperwood came on board, and with the culinary mastery of Chef Stewart, pork nuggets with a spicy coconut sauce and slow-roasted pork glazed with maple sauce was the result of the collaboration.

Other sizzling dishes made available to relish were: crispy fish with a Scotch bonnet aioli, sweet mango barbecue wings and corn fritters with Scotch bonnet aioli. The aroma of the chicken penne pasta in a Scotch bonnet cream sauce soon filled the air after being prepared in the midst of guests in the great outdoors. Pretty soon, many formed a growing line eager to arrest the pasta's rich flavour hot off the fire.

As the night progressed and mouths had put in the work in satisfying appetites, the breeze gave those in attendance a cool embrace. Trees danced to the pulsating beats of the Hummingbird Steel Pan, who entertained the audience with reggae and soca hits of yesteryear.

Shea's at Countryside is open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., so be sure to stop by. They will definitely have you salivating for more.