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Fresh from the Pot

Published:Thursday | June 11, 2015 | 12:00 AMRasbert Turner
Herb flavored grilled chicken.
Fried chicken in cranberry sauce with rice and peas.
Barbi fried chicken with rice and peas.
Asian-style roasted pork with rice and peas.
Pineapple-glazed fried chicken.

There is a new addition to the food offerings in St Catherine, and it is really a warm and welcoming change to the taste buds of many. Fresh from the Pot restaurant, located at Angel Heights along Walks Road, has been tantalising taste buds since it opened six months ago.

Sous Chef Patrick Clunie told Food that they cater to food lovers by providing them with delicious meals straight from the pot.

"We prepare Asian-style pork and chicken in a variety of ways - in cranberry sauce, curried, in ginger sauce, and herb grilled." They also do seafood to order.

Chef Markino Duncan piped in, "We do seafood in a variety of savoury styles such as steamed, escoveitched, fried, roasted and curried."

They have created wonders with their delectable menu options, and it is their view that the place has taken off to palatable new heights because of the skills displayed in preparing the dishes.

"Both chefs are trained by HEART Academy, having obtained Level II certification, and this has manifested itself in the tasty finished products," manager Sherwood Simpson told Food proudly. He noted that while the business is very young, the aim is to expand to other parishes.

According to customer Textron Barrett, "Yeah man, the food here tastes very good, especially the chicken."