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kitchen Aid: Vinegar

Published:Thursday | June 11, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

Kitchen Aid: vinegar

This week on Kitchen Aid, vinegar shows off its skill as an all-purpose home necessity.

Soothes sore throat - sore throat is one of the most unbearable side effects of the common cold or the flu. However, warm water and vinegar, used as a gargle, aids in soothing any inflammation of the throat.

Promotes a healthy scalp - using vinegar as a rinse before you wash your hair helps with dandruff control. Apple cider vinegar also helps to strip the hair.

Cleaning wounds - If you have a cut, diluted vinegar will assist with cleaning the wound with less sting than alcohol.

Mildew buster - The grimy mildew in your shower can be easily eliminated with some vinegar and warm water.

Stain remover - That stubborn stain in your kitchen towels can be easily removed with some vinegar. Apply directly to stains.

Clean your silverware - A little vinegar goes a long way in making your utensils and pipes sparkle.

Your own plumber - Some warm water (not boiling) with a little vinegar helps to unclog your pipes.

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