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kitchen Aid

Published:Thursday | June 25, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

It's another week, and Kitchen Aid has new secrets to reveal. Here are a few non-traditional uses for the citrus fruit that many of us love - oranges.

1 Remove water stains from your fixtures. You can use the peel of your orange to make your fixtures sparkle and shine.

2 Air freshener: Having the orange peels near/in your garbage helps to reduce odours (not eliminate). However, if you put the peels in your shoes they will eliminate the odour.

3 Mosquito repellent: If you want a natural repellent, you can rub the orange peels on your skin and they will avoid you.

4 Polish wooden furniture: There is something about the white of the peel that gives your furniture an added shine when you rub it against the wood.

5 Insect repellent: Set fresh orange peels in problem areas and it will help to keep away ants and flies from these areas.

6 Refrigerator deodoriser: Half your orange, remove the inside pulp, then add salt to it and place in your refrigerator. It will feel like you are using baking soda.