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Published:Thursday | June 25, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
The winners of the Fathers day cook off (from left) Oral Simpson and Donald Allison being presented cheques of 20,000 each by Nhandi Christian.
Tamara Bailey Photo The corn on the charcoal grill after being marinated in special sauce.
Tamara Bailey Photo Fried fish with bammy (right) and festival.
Tamara Bailey Photo Garnished fried fish
Tamara Bailey Steamed fish and steamed bammy.

Alligator Pond,

St Elizabeth:

The popular seafood restaurant, Little Ochie, was abuzz with excitement on June 21 as hundreds of patrons rolled in for the special Father's Day celebrations and cook-off competition.

With more than 75 dishes on the menu, it was not a disappointment for those who wanted a wide variety of seafood delicacies, coupled with good music and an atmosphere conducive to clean fun.

"Every year, we have our annual Father's Day show but, each year, we add a new spin, and this year, we are having the cook-off show. Any father who can create the best authentic seafood dish will win $40,000," event organiser and owner of Little Ochie, Everald 'Blackie' Christian, told Food.

The competition, sponsored by IGL, had two fathers, Oral Simpson and Donald Allison, sharing the grand prize as their dishes were both unique and delicious.

Simpson, who has had culinary training, prepared a tempting mango shrimp, while Allison, a returning resident who just loves cooking, prepared a garlic fish to die for (according to patrons who tasted it).

"I have been cooking for as long as I can remember, and when I lived abroad, I used to prepare this dish a lot. It's really simple. I marinate the fish overnight in my special sauce and then grill it. When it's done, I garnish and serve," Allison told Food.

And though the patrons who got a chance to taste the culinary work of the daddy chefs thought it was amazing, it was no match for what Little Ochie offered its customers. From specially seasoned jerked, brown stewed, escoveitched, and steamed fish, to extraordinarily prepared conch, garlic, jerked and curried crab, and one of the biggest hits of the day, jerked corn.

With just the right balance of spicy and sweet, every bite was worth it.

"We have taken it up a notch from just merely boiling, from corn on the cob to corn off the grill ... . it is marinated for 10 minutes in 'Blackie's secret sauce and then straight to the charcoal grill," beamed Christian.

For those planning to travel to Alligator Pond, Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant should be a sure stop for all seafood dishes.