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The Palatable Pleasures of Pork Fest

Published:Thursday | June 25, 2015 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Executive sous chef Boswana Brown poses with his creation, baby back ribs with Red Stripe barbecue sauce.
Savour the flavour with this smoked tropical glazed pig’s tail.
Chef Livingston Service displaying his skills, heats it up on the grill.
Rolando Malvo showcasing the strawberry pork chops.
A closer look at the delectable, strawberry pork chops.
A creative culinary spin on baby back ribs glazed with Red Stripe barbecue sauce.

Look out pork lovers, there's a new spot in town offering savoury and sweet pork dishes that will be sure to excite those taste buds of yours.

Well, they're not exactly new. C & C South Beach is back at it again with a mouth-watering menu you would only dream of. Last week Wednesday, Food visited their home on Brompton Road, off Lady Musgrave Avenue in Kingston, to experience their version of Pork Fest, and we were truly impressed by all the rich bursts of succulent flavour in every bite.

If you are a true pork fan, then feast your eyes on their incredibly scrumptious line-up - strawberry pork chops, baby back ribs glazed with Red Stripe barbecue sauce, crackling barbecue pork belly, smoked tropical glazed pig's tail, and lemon zest jerk sausage.

culinary masterminds

Executive sous chef Boswana Brown, ably assisted by sous chefs Livingston Service and Rolando Malvo, are culinary masterminds behind this pork paradise, relaying their skill and passion into each plate, taking pride in not only the presentation, but in pleasing palates as well. Copperwood Pork is currently on board, partnering with the restaurant to provide high-quality pork for the masses.

Prepared in the great outdoors, just a stone's throw away from the comfort of your seat, you can expect sizzling food hot off the grill to be consumed in a relaxed atmosphere. So if you are in the mood for pork, get in the gastronomical game with C & C South Beach's Pork Fest every Wednesday. The way you experience pork will never be the same.

For more information, contact C & C South Beach at 2 Brompton Road, Kingston. Tel: (876) 630-4571