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NK Deli Hits the Spot

Published:Thursday | July 9, 2015 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Cream of pumpkin and roasted carrots served in a bread bowl with fresh tossed garden vegetables topped with grilled chicken breast and hummus.
Shrimp Thermidor smothered over grilled sweet corn polenta garnished with Parmesan crisp.
Manager Anya McGlashan looks on as CEO Edwin Wint explains the upcoming expansion of the dining area at NK Deli.
Oven-baked chicken breast stuffed with spice plantain and raisins with a tropical sauce served with coconut ginger rice.
NK Deli signature cookies done for yours truly.
Chef Christopher Carr of NK Deli holds his delicious oven-baked chicken breast stuffed with plantain and raisins.
NK Deli’s mouth-watering beef and grilled chicken paninis.
NK Deli’s delicious exotic fruit parfait.

It's the best of both worlds when what you see is what you get - the lust of your eyes is satisfied with every delectable bite. This is the experience one can expect at NK (New Kingston) Deli, an extension of the New Kingston Conference Centre.

NK Deli started in November 2014, and by February 2015, they had to expand their kitchen because of the overwhelming demand they had received for their scrumptious dishes. They have some of the traditional deli dishes on their menu such as paninis, salads, wraps and pastas, but one should not expect the same old flavour.

The deli's chicken panini is one of the favourite from their everyday a la carte menu, which is due to their 'If I tell you I would have to kill you' signature sauce.

With an exotic and sweet flavour, the panini includes morsels of juicy grilled chicken breast with fresh vegetables and the 'secret' sauce. They also have a beef panini made with freshly baked pretzel bread that would have every inch of your body thanking you for this delicious treat.

NK Deli prides itself on freshness. The meals are done to order and the vegetables are bought fresh every week. They try to live up to the 'Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica' mantra by predominantly purchasing from local farmers and distributors.

They also have special pan pizza on their daily menu, made to order so that every bite is rich, juicy and fresh. Your palate will be completely satisfied. They also have freshly seasoned beef burgers made from scratch, ensuring that customers know exactly what they are getting.

Persons allergic, to or who have eliminated MSG from their diet, can dine at ease at the New Kingston eatery as all foods prepared are free of MSG.

Chief executive officer Edwin Wint told Food that MSG is something he cannot have in his diet, so he does not serve it to his customers. Their aim is to have their customers consume meals that are not only delicious but healthy.

To prevent their offerings from becoming monotonous, the menu is 'shuffled' weekly. "We try to change it up for our guests," Manager Anya McGlashan told Food.

One of the lunch dishes that really hits the spot is the smoked barbecue pork chops that will have you salivating the moment you lay eyes on it. Their oven baked stuffed chicken breast filled with spiced plantain and raisin is also a winner.

The deli also has a breakfast menu which includes porridges, callaloo quiche and omelettes.

"The expectations does not quite exceed mine because mine are extreme, but if I am to be reasonable, I must say it is doing very well for a company so young," gushed Wint. He continued, " I am happy with the way that it is growing and we work hard to maintain consistency."

Being an extension of the conference centre they cater to any of the three conference rooms which can hold from 200 to 600 persons.

And if you can't get to NK Deli you can still enjoy their delicious fare as they deliver in the Corporate Area.

NK Deli is opened from 7a.m. to 5p.m.

Address: 30 Dominica Drive,


Contact: 754-8714


Instagram: @nk_deli