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I'd Rather Fall in Chocolate! - Leisha Lyn-Cook makes splash with delightful sweet treats

Published:Thursday | September 17, 2015 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman

Chief executive officer of I'd Rather Fall in Chocolate Leisha Lyn-Cook has always had a sweet tooth and could often be found in the kitchen baking sweet treats for family and friends since high school.

Today, her dream of earning an income from her passion has come to fruition and she is happily filling tummies and hearts with her amazing goodies.

After studying culinary arts at the University of Technology (UTech), her focus was swayed to restaurant management, which she did for more than seven years, while still doing the occasional cake/dessert. But she then decided, after much prayer and contemplation, to return to her first love and seriously pursue it as a full-time career.

"I chose chocolate because I absolutely love it! And so I decided, as with most things, to do what I love," said a passionate Lyn-Cook.

It's been two years and a host of divine desserts, and she has been operating I'd Rather Fall in Chocolate full time while lecturing patisserie part-time at her alma mater, UTech.

But Lyn-Cook didn't just whip up the idea of a chocolate confectionery. After attending a few chocolate classes at Savour Chocolate and Patisserie School in Melbourne, Australia, and becoming exposed to different culinary experiences, she realised that the Jamaican market really lacked a fine chocolate and confectionery producer who offered high-quality chocolates and chocolate desserts.



"There was no one I knew of that was using 100 per cent Jamaican chocolate, which is among the best in the world, similar to our coffee. However, most of our chocolate is exported and most Jamaicans have no idea that our chocolate has an amazing and unique flavour profile."

She continued: "I also realised that chocolate is diverse and lends itself to the creation of a number of desserts that can be tailored for persons with different dietary requirements without compromising on taste."

With the adequate tools and the zeal of a woman with new shoes, the excited culinary artist made the bold step and continues to be inspired by her genuine love.



"What I enjoy most is making desserts that are thoroughly enjoyed by persons who would usually skip dessert, and the fact that I get to experiment and customise products for my customers rather than just make the regular generic items," explained Lyn-Cook, who eats and literally dreams about desserts constantly.

I'd Rather Fall in Chocolate offers a number of dessert items for weddings and birthdays, as well as a variety of truffles, miniature desserts, cookies, pastries and pretty much any special dessert you desire.

"Chocolate makes people happy, and persons, including myself, often get excited about a really good dessert. I think that is the part that I enjoy most - making people ecstatic when they experience an amazing chocolate dessert," ended


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