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Market List

Published:Thursday | September 17, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Cooking tomatoes


This exotic spice is on good supply at this time.

The per-pound price ranges between $160 and $180 in most markets; however, there are smaller amounts sold in plastic wrap for $50.


The price ranges between $50 and $80 from smallest to largest.

Less expensive outlets in downtown Kingston may ask anything between $30 to $40 per avocado.

Goat flesh

Goat flesh should be easy to come by at this time in meat shops and supermarkets across the island.

If you are shopping at a meat shop or butcher stall, you will be asked to pay $280 per pound; however, if you happen to be shopping in a supermarket or delicatessen establishment, the asking price would be $480 per pound.


Leafy vegetable cabbage will cost you a tidy some at this time.

May Pen and Spanish Town will quote $150 per pound as will Montego Bay's Charles Gordon Market.

Less expensive outlets in downtown Kingston will ask anything ranging between $60 and $70.

Cooking tomatoes

Cooking tomatoes will cost you a pretty penny this week. The asking price stands at $150 per pound.

Downtown Kingston's cheaper outlets will ask as low as $70 per pound.

Irish potatoes

Tuber Irish potatoes will cost you $150 per pound in rural retail markets across the island.

Cheaper outlets in downtown Kingston will ask $70 per pound this week.