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VIDEO: Eat Around Jamaica: Stopping a Gap in the Blue Mountains

Published:Thursday | September 17, 2015 | 12:00 AMRandy Bowman
You can tell Trix! is having a ball as she picks up her burger with much relish.
This is what you call freedom! Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Succulent smoked pork chops served with Spanish rice.
Despite having four dishes before dessert, Trix! made space for the chocolate cake and potato pudding.
The mouth-watering oxtail that Trix! said is better than her granny's.
The divine chocolate cake will give you a little piece of heaven on earth.
Potato pudding the way it is meant to be – warm and sweet.
Chef Winston McNeil has the undivided attention of Trix! as they discuss food, food and more food.
Working with The Gap for more than five years, Chef Winston McNeil plates two dishes of oxtail.
Succulent smoked pork chops served with Spanish rice.
Trix! enjoys not just the dish in front of her but the scenic view as well.
According to Trix!, this steamed fish melts in your mouth.

Nestled in cool Blue Mountains, just an hour's drive from Kingston, sits a 4,400-square foot eatery well worth the journey. Eat Around Jamaica brought Trix! from Lifestyle Today to The Gap in St Andrew. So, sit back, relax and indulge.

"Take it all in," were the first words Trix! uttered as she took a deep breath of fresh air. The lush, green, never-ending scenic beauty was a sight to behold. Complemented by the chirping birds and the cool temperature, the food was the icing on the cake.

"Me nah tell no lie, up yah nice! And me can smell the pot!"

Her nose was on point. Within two minutes, the first of four dishes came - smoked pork chops with Spanish rice.

"It looks good!" said Trix! as she unwrapped her utensils.

"Tender. Mmm, sooo goood. Turn up," were the first words out of her mouth as she dug in. "It mek me just waaan drop the knife and fork and eat with me hand dem. But Spanish rice? Why not Jamaican? This meal is a dream!" We could tell Trix! was having a grand time, and it was just the beginning.


Then came the second round - a delicious steamed fish and bammy with okra and plummie tomatoes.

"I wish you guys could smell this. ... The fish melts in your mouth. No, man, di chef can cook! It makes my belly happy," Trix! gushed, leaving no bones unturned on the fish.

But before she could dig any further, there came another treat - The Gap's signature menu item: the open burger. And this time she was happy to go without the utensils.

"I know I might lose the lipstick, but this is 'Team Don't Care'. It's all about the food."

Upon receiving the most requested dish from the quaint hideaway, Trix! described it as juicy.

"This gives me a 'mouthgasm'. The beef is so good. I'd be okay with just the beef."

After eating with much relish, Trix! summoned the chef.

"Is something wrong?" asked Winston McNish, The Gap's only chef, who has been working wonders in the kitchen for the past five years.

"Yes! Me no have no more food," was Trix!'s response to the query.

But then arrived the much-talked-about oxtail.

"Unu look here. The meat just drop off the bone," she wasted no time, and dug in full speed ahead. "This taste (sorry mi granny) better than mi granny oxtail."

And that was it from Trix! She signed out from the world as she enjoyed her plate of oxtail and rice served with fresh garden vegetables.


Moments later, with her eyes tightly closed and grasping the table, she exclaimed: "My belly is maybe 50 per cent full! And I have space for dessert."

Now, if you know Trix!, she isn't a big girl - not very slim either, but her body certainly doesn't show where all that food is going.

"Long time mi a wait pon dis," said the gravalicious young woman, who was served a healthy dose of chocolate cake and potato pudding.

As she leaned forward and took a bite into the pudding, she said: "This is warm and unexpected. It's so good; nothing is better!"

Within minutes, the plate was empty.

"This is what chocolate lovers would call death by chocolate - so moist, not too sweet, and not too bitter. Perfect."

The perfect end to a perfect meal at the perfect spot.