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House of Loaves

Published:Thursday | September 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Wings N Waffle with fruit compote.
A scrumptious lobster roll made from baked then grilled bread with lettuce, garnished with herbs and sliced lime.
Rushawn Green (left) and Ramona Lawson make their order to Cornelia Alexander.
Chef Mahaish Alexander attempts to slice loaf to make lobster roll, as Cornelia Alexander (in the background) looks on.
Everette Strachan (left) anticipates his Wing N Waffle Fruit compote as chef Alexander adds his final garnish.
Chef Alexander plates an egg sammich.

The scent of freshly baked home-made loaves, eggs and bacon, 'sammich', pancakes, waffles, French toast, bagel and cream cheese are exactly what you need for a delectable start to your day.

That is exactly what House of Loaves offers - delivering great food, the Jamaican way. In operation since May, House of Loaves offers their own baked breads to give customers that home-made freshness from the oven in their mobile kitchen straight to your stomach.

Currently parked at Northside Plaza in Liguanea, chef and owner Mahaish Alexander has been around food all his life. His mother catered, and made freshly-baked loaves in the mornings for her clients. "She would save one for me and it served as an ideal breakfast-on-the-go - a healthy meal that would seem to just melt in my mouth," Alexander told Food.

Alexander realised he had a knack for cooking when he moved away to college and circumstances led him to start preparing his own meals, and so his passion grew. He dreamt of opening his own restaurant. He visited various restaurants and got ideas of what he would like his restaurant to be and while living in New York, one day he went to a crÍperie with a group and friends in Harlem and told his friends he would open one in Jamaica.

But it never happened as planned. For seven years he worked in one of Jamaica's top banks. But then he realise he couldn't deny his true calling. " I found more joy brainstorming ideas of different meal," he said. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather - who had a mobile ice-cream business - and his mother's style of baked loaves, Alexander is following his dream, naming his venture after his mother's delicious loaves and the centre piece of his business.


House of Loaves already has a very faithful following. From Mondays to Fridays, 7-11 a.m., customers can enjoy ackee and saltfish, callaloo, stewed and curried chicken, gizzard, chicken liver, salt mackerel rundown accompanied with boiled dumplings and other ground provisions. They are also known for their talk-of-the-town Johnny cakes.

House of Loaves can also be found at special and private events and has a menu that caters to different wants - lobster roll, fish/shrimp taco, shrimp po' boy, lamb burger, chicken quesadilla and chicken parmesan. They are scheduled to be at the annual CB Pan Chicken food festival scheduled for October 30- 31.

Alexander told Food that they have plans to add a lunch menu soon.

House of Loaves can be found on facebook and instagram or email: houseofloaves@gmail.com.